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Time To Enhance Your Knowledge About Oxygen Concentrators

Time To Enhance Your Knowledge About Oxygen Concentrators


The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown light into the healthcare infrastructure of our country. There was a rapid increase in corona patients looking for oxygen supply to survive. But there was a shortage of oxygen cylinders and medical oxygen. It was when the demand for oxygen concentrators enhanced. Within a few months, the concentrators became the most sought-after devices among patients in home isolation. If you plan to visit an oxygen concentrator dealer, enhance your knowledge about the device and how to use them.

What Do You Mean By Oxygen Concentrator?

It is a medical device supplying extra oxygen to patients facing breathing problems. Few vital parts of the device are the sieve bed filter, pressure valve, nasal cannula and a compressor. There are nasal tubes or a mask through which oxygen is supplied to the patient from the oxygen concentrator. The primary difference between an oxygen cylinder and a concentrator is that the latter can supply oxygen throughout the day without refilling. There are two types of oxygen concentrators – continuous flow and pulse dose. The cost of the device depends upon how much oxygen they produce per minute.

How Do They Work?

Since oxygen concentrators filter and concentrate oxygen molecules derived from ambient air, patients can intake almost 90% of pure oxygen. The device has a compressor that absorbs ambient air and adjusts the pressure. The sieve bed is made of crystalline material known as Zeolite. It is responsible for separating nitrogen from the air. There is a continuous loop that purifies the oxygen the concentrator is producing. The function of the pressure valve is to regulate the oxygen supply before supplying it to the patient through an oxygen mask.

When Do You Need Oxygen Concentrator?

You might have to get in touch with one of the reputable oxygen concentrator dealers in Kolkata if a mild or moderately ill patient has a low oxygen saturation level of around 90%. But you should do it under medical guidance. If a patient has an oxygen saturation level of less than 85%, you can use an oxygen concentrator but only until the patient is admitted to a hospital. They are transferred to oxygen cylinders with high oxygen levels in a hospital. Generally, doctors don’t advise using oxygen concentrators for ICU patients.

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How to Maintain and Dispose of Surgical Equipment Pieces?

How to Maintain and Dispose of Surgical Equipment Pieces?


Many equipment pieces in the medical field are used only once and disposed of after that. For instance, surgical masks, syringes, gauges and surgical instruments cannot be used more than once. This measure is taken to avoid any spread of infections. However, mishandling surgical equipment pieces can cause medical problems and result in death. Every medical practitioner is thus required to follow the necessary guidelines to dispose of the surgical equipment correctly.

Professional surgical disposable dealers who sell different types of medical equipment pieces generally inform the users about how to dispose of the same in the safest possible manner.

Why is it important to dispose of surgical equipment pieces?

Healthcare centres generally adhere to strict guidelines for disposing of surgical equipment pieces. Certain equipment pieces are either difficult to clean or impossible to clean. It is a better option to get rid of the same. Dealers of such equipment pieces generally sell the same with the guideline to maintain relevance. Even when the medical practitioners adhere to the guidelines mentioned by the dealers, however, there are instances when they end up contaminating either the medicines or the equipment pieces.

Steam sterilizers are used to clean off and get things ready before the next surgery. This process helps to disinfect the surgical apparatus to a large extent. If the apparatus is not cleaned properly, it can pose biohazards and threats.

Normal water is not a good option to clean or sterilize the medical equipment pieces. Once used, disposable surgical products cannot be used again and again without cleaning the same. Due to the high mineral content, you must clean and sterilize each of them and dispose of the ones that are not reused.

Tips for disposing of surgical equipment pieces

  • The waste items must be kept in a place where they are not accessible by patients or doctors.
  • Access should be given to the authorized personnel to take care of the equipment pieces and dispose of them effectively.
  • Prepare biomedical bins for disposing of these items effectively not to get mixed with the other items.
  • Every bin should be placed in the medical rooms and the premises to help effectively get rid of the same.
  • Every medical staff should be conscious about the same so that the items can be disposed of effectively.

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3 Vital Points To Consider When Buying A Wheelchair

3 Vital Points To Consider When Buying A Wheelchair


Wheelchairs are really beneficial for those with mobility issues. They make their life easier for the elderly. One of the biggest challenges you have to face when buying the equipment is to choose from so many options. Wheelchairs are technological devices with a long list of features and options. It will become easier for you to choose the right equipment if you know what you need from the start. Though they are a temporary solution for people with mobility issues, many use them for standard movement. If you want to carry it with less hassle, choose foldable wheelchairs.

Planning To Buy A Wheelchair? Few Points To Consider

  • Manual Or Electric

How much you have to pay when buying a wheelchair depends on whether you have chosen manual or electric equipment. It is a very significant distinction in wheelchairs. Though you have to pay less if you choose a traditional wheelchair instead of the electric variety, the latter offers more benefits. Choose an electric foldable wheelchair if you have a severe health condition or mobility issues. You have to choose between a self-propelled and an attendant propelled wheelchair if you plan to buy a manual wheelchair.

  • Body Shape

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make when buying a wheelchair is that they fail to consider a person’s body shape and build. The type of wheelchair an adult requires is different from that of a child. You can buy the right chair if you consider a few vital points like the gender, weight and height of the person using it. If you are planning to buy a wheelchair because it was recommended by a mobility expert or healthcare provider, you can ask them to help you make a choice. They will conduct an individual assessment and choose the most viable option.

  • Size And Dimension

You should consider the size and dimension of a wheelchair before buying it if you want to fit in it comfortably. If the wheelchair is too small, you won’t feel like sitting on it. If the wheelchair is too large, you might slip out of it when in motion. It is advisable to look for a manufacturer offering customised wheelchair options for children and adults. You should familiarise yourself with the various weight limits and know the limitations of each wheelchair variety.

These been said, it’s time you consider the points stated above and you can buy a wheelchair which suits your needs.

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Know More About Leg Braces Before Buying One

Function and Uses of BiPAP Machine in Treating Sleep Apnea

Leg Support

People have to face many challenges when they become aged, which can impact their self-confidence. One of the most common issues is reduced mobility. Sometimes, children also have to face limb-related issues like ankle, knee, wrist, or elbow problems. Their physical therapist might advise them to get leg braces. Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for orthodontic devices. For someone not aware of the term, they are external braces worn by adults and children facing limb-related issues.

Few Benefits Offered By Leg Braces

  • More stability
  • Better musculoskeletal alignment
  • Increase mobility and decrease dependency on others

Choose The Right Product

If you want to reap all the benefits of leg braces or leg support, you should enhance your knowledge about these orthodontic devices. With so many types of orthodontic devices available in the market, choosing one often becomes a challenge. If you want to buy leg support that will be most beneficial for your child, first get in touch with a physiotherapist. They will conduct an assessment of the issue before suggesting the right product. It would be best to get in touch with a reputable company supplying medical devices, surgical and hospital equipment. You can expect to get reliable products at a competitive price and excellent customer care service.

Few Common Types Of Leg Support You Can Choose From

  • Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics are also known as inserts. If your child is suffering from limb-related problems, you can place foot orthotics inside their shoe. These inserts can be either soft or rigid. You can also opt for custom-fitted inserts as they fit well and can be the best solution for your limb-related issues.

  • Ankle-Foot Orthotics

These L-shaped leg braces are widely used to control your ankle and foot joints. They go up to the mid-calf area for better control and support. Though ankle-foot orthotics made using metal are more popular, you can also choose those made with plastic or carbon fiber.

  • Knee Orthotic

The leg braces, especially worn to support one’s knee, are known as knee orthotics. You have to wear them from above your knees to below your knee.

  • Knee-Ankle Orthotics

They are also known as KAFOs and are worn to provide your ankle, foot and knee the necessary stabilisation so you can move around with ease.

  • Hip-Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthotics

HKAFOs or hip-knee-ankle-foot orthotics are belts or bands worn around the hip to support the ankle, knee or foot joint. The positioning option depends on the mobilisation and standing needs of the patient.

Since you are now aware of the common types of leg braces, it’s time you choose one according to your mobility needs and get in touch with a reputable supplier in your city. KR Lynch is renowned for supplying a wide variety of surgical equipment, medical equipment, anaesthesia apparatus, leg support and other accessories to meet the requirements and standards of the modern medical industry.

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Function and Uses of BiPAP Machine in Treating Sleep Apnea

Function and Uses of BiPAP Machine in Treating Sleep Apnea

Use of BIPAP

As an obvious effect of modern technologies, the medical industry has received several latest pieces of equipment for better, faster, and easier diagnosis and treatments. One of them is the BiPAP machine.

What is a BiPAP Machine?

BiPAP is a Bi-level or two-level Positive Airway Pressure system. It is a highly functional, efficient, and compact medical device that aids people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) to breathe. The machine helps the patient intake pressurized air through a mask to keep their breathing pattern regulated when they are sleeping or when their COPD symptoms flare.

When used in the right manner, a BiPAP machine can treat patients suffering from sleep apnea. It sends air through a tube into the attached mask that the patients have over his nose. BiPAP pushes air into the lungs. Unlike CPAP, BiPAP delivers two pressures in the form of inhaling and exhaling pressure. They are commonly known as;

  1. Inhalation positive airway pressure (IPAP)
  2. Exhalation positive airway pressure (EPAP)

How Does BiPAP Work?

People, who find it difficult to breathe during their sleep, can get help from a BiPAP machine. The machine will help push air into their lungs. It has two settings to monitor the inhaling and exhaling procedure.

Some people cannot breathe for a programmed period due to several reasons. A BiPAP can help push into their lungs during that certain period. The setting is minimum breath per minute or BPM. This setting is typically designed to ensure that you can breathe a set frequency of breaths per minute.


How Does It Help in Sleep Apnea?

Before you know the impact or role of BiPAP for helping patients suffering from sleep apnea, you should know what sleep apnea is and how it can impact your overall health.

Sleep apnea is not a single, but a set of sleep disorders that causes frequent and several pauses in breathing during sleep. Often you can notice your partner stops breathing for a couple of seconds while sleeping. Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA is the most common form of this problem. It happens due to throat muscle constriction.

Complex sleep apnea, a combination of central and obstructive sleep apnea, can be fatal if left unattended and untreated for a longer period.

BiPAP is attached with the mask worn by the patient on his mouth and nose. The job of this machine is to deliver pressure to keep their muscle relaxed during sleep and help them keep breathing by pushing air into their lungs.

You can have a BiPAP machine at your home as per your doctor’s prescriptions. If you are looking for good quality BiPAP machine, KR Lynch is the right place for you. We have been serving hundreds of clients for more than 100 years with top-quality medical and surgical instruments.

Please get in touch with us for more information.

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Why Are PPE Kits So Important During The Pandemic

Why Are PPE Kits So Important During The Pandemic

PPE Kits

Scientists and healthcare providers are always trying to know more about the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) so that they can fight the pandemic better. The virus can easily spread from one person to another if they are in close contact. The transmission can either occur through respiratory droplets or contact with infected surfaces. If you want to prevent the virus from spreading further, you have to undertake few precautionary measures. Recently, the demand for PPE apparel has enhanced drastically.

How To Fight The Pandemic With PPE?

Most healthcare professionals have started using personal protection equipment (PPE) as their first line of defense against the virus. It is almost mandatory for those dealing directly with patients. Social service workers and emergency medical technicians might even need them if they have to come in close direct contact with patients with possible or confirmed COVID-19 infection or their bodily fluids. It also helps in preventing the spread of germs between patients. To guarantee total protection, follow all the precautionary measures when using it and sanitize your hands.

What Does PPE Include?

All the items in a PPE kit are very important. It would help if you had them every time you come in contact with potentially infected people. Two integral parts of a PPE kit are,


A good protective mask, especially N95, filters the air you breathe. Not only will it give you some level of protection from the COVID-19 virus, but it also protects your face from dust, pollutants, and airborne particles. Ensure you sanitize your hands before and after putting on the mask and avoid touching it while wearing it. It will filter most of the airborne particles and not just gases and vapors.



Sterile latex gloves are an integral part of the PPE kit. You need them if you come in direct contact with infected patients or surfaces. The gloves will act as an additional barrier between you and the virus. They can effectively prevent contamination of hands by reducing the transmission of pathogens. It is advisable to change your gloves after every few hours.

Choose The Right Company Offering PPE Kit

If you want to ensure your safety by wearing a PPE kit, choose a reputable company offering it. K R Lynch is a certified company offering high-quality PPE kits. The fabric used by them to manufacture the kit is certified by government empowered agency SITRA. It passes through stringent test conditions, for even ‘Blood Penetration,’ at SITRA, Coimbatore. So, you can wear it with complete peace of mind.

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Why are Digital Stethoscopes the Future of Medical Diagnosis?

Why are Digital Stethoscopes the Future of Medical Diagnosis?

Digital stethoscopes

Stethoscopes are the primary tool and are the identification mark of every medical practitioner. Doctor’s use them from primary diagnosis. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the medical industry in many positive as well as negative ways. Social distancing is the new normal, especially for medical practitioners; maintaining distance from patients is necessary. Digital Stethoscopes are an incredible invention during such times. 

These stethoscopes can convert acoustic sounds to electronic signals. Unlike the traditional stethoscopes, they generate results faster, and the results are highly accurate. Moreover, the traditional stethoscopes cannot highlight the sounds to the patient; however, this is possible in digital stethoscopes.

Benefits Of Digital Stethoscopes

This invention has brought about a lot of benefits to the overall medical fraternity. Some doctors are unable to hear well; for them, digital stethoscopes are a brilliant option. In the present times, when the pandemic has kept people apart from each other, using it helps in having touchless treatment facilities.

Apart from the same, here’s a list of benefits that the invention of digital stethoscopes has brought about.

Littmann Stethoscope

Record and replay options

Unlike traditional stethoscopes, the doctors can collect the data and record the same for future reference here. They can even replay the same to the patients. Thus, this is the best technique to record and store the data in place for future reference. The saved data is also added to the medical records of the patients.

Highly amplified sounds in digital stethoscopes

It has better sound facilities compared to traditional ones. The process of recording is quicker, and also the sounds are amplified versions. Hence the doctors can hear the same effectively. Thus, the diagnosis process becomes easier.

Noise reduction facility

Digital stethoscopes can cut off the surrounding noises and distractions during the diagnosis process. Thus, the doctors don’t need a lot of time to make the diagnosis. They can easily detect heartbeats, problems in the lungs and respiratory organs. Thus, the results produced from it generate accurate results, which are good for medical practitioners.

Accurate results in digital stethoscopes

It helps in generating the near possible accurate results for the diagnosis. The amplified sounds, recordings for future reference, and the noise reduction facility are beneficial detriments for generating accurate results in the medical field.

Visual readings

Unlike the traditional stethoscopes, using a digital version helps the doctors view the reading as there is an option of visual display. This gives more information to the doctors.

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Fascinating New Healthcare and Medical Technologies for 2021

Fascinating New Healthcare and Medical Technologies for 2021

Medical Technologies

Modern technological advancement has brought about rapid development in medical science. Its influx has an immediate effect on the healthcare industry, focusing more on the collaborative product development process. Medical professionals are relying on digital medical technologies that have enabled remote patient care. As a result, it facilitates better progress with a desirable outcome.  

Covid 19 ushered in the new era of remote monitoring and telehealth. With greater access to technology, the officials have successfully managed the crisis better. The doctors undertook integrated attempts to deal with patient health, and as a result, mass treatment and millions of saved lives.   

New Medical Technologies of 2021 

Advanced telemedicine in Medical Technologies 

During the Covid 19 pandemic, telemedicine took a giant leap forward. Most importantly, the hospitals are focusing on integrating telehealth services with physical ones. Virtual doctor visits have increased, therefore removing all barriers. Moreover, it has given patients access to emergency care, improve collaboration with the clinic, dialysis center, long-term care facility, mental health treatment service, etc.  

Mobile Health

Apple released an open-source programming structure – Research kit and Care kit. These are incredible platforms for designers to build healthcare apps that contribute to medical research. In the coming years, you can avail personalized care through data-sharing tools. However, it will help in the early diagnosis of potential diseases. 

Medical Equipment 

Drug development

The invention of the Covid 19 vaccine is an example of the greatest scientific accomplishment. It is speeding of the process happened with regulatory fast-tracking and innovations in medical trials. Similarly, Virtual clinical trials also eased the burden of participation. And introduced new approaches to testing. It facilitated a collaborative method of monitoring antiviral treatment and sharing data.  

Medical Technologies & Nanomedicine 

The medical application of nanotechnology operates on the molecular, supramolecular, or atomic scale. The potential is vast, even for something so small. In addition, Doctors use nanomedicine applications in sensing, imaging, diagnosis, and delivery via medical devices. 

Headway in nanotechnology has helped streamline healthcare operations. For instance, a nano pill camera enables doctors to study the body’s insides for better treatment. This is especially helpful in diagnosing cancer.  

5G enabled devices

AI, Big Data, and IoT are the driving factors in healthcare advancement. Above all, they helped open medicinal potentials with accuracy in results. Real-time connections were beneficial for telemedicine; However, more connected devices brought about authentic data streaming. All this revolutionized the healthcare system.  

Wearable devices with 5G sensors capture and transmit real-time data. Most importantly, it improved patient monitoring. For example, they can identify patterns of anxiety by detecting heartbeat and blood pressure. The wearables also help with stress management and sleep monitoring.  

3D Printing 

Another significant future of medical science was 3D printing technology. It enabled the printing of body tissues, veins, pills, artificial appendages, and more. 3D printing enabled the detection of skin tissues with platelets, which further helped in supplanting skin burns.  

Digital Assistants in Medical Technologies

Alexa and Google Home changed the way healthcare professionals cater to patient needs. Ambient listening and natural language processing capture and analyze accurate health data. Epic and Cerner were two great EHR, or electronic health record systems started with virtual assistants in the software. Patient-doctor conversations were prompted through voice-based commands.  

Reputable companies like K R LYNCH are a dealer of modern surgical equipment and accessories, facilitating advanced healthcare that focuses on providing the best-in-class service to patients.

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Importance of Oxygen Concentrators as Respiratory Support For Covid 19 Patients

Importance of Oxygen Concentrators as Respiratory Support For Covid 19 Patients

Surgical masks

As the country is grappling with the second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic, people are running from pillar to post, arranging oxygen for the ailing patients. The surge of new infections has created a spike in demand for oxygen concentrators. Moreover, as severe respiratory symptoms characterize the disease; As a result, oxygen support has become integral to the Covid 19 treatment protocol.

Most of us do not know about oxygen concentrators. In other words, they have turned out to be a savior during times of crisis like this. In this blog, we learn in detail about them. 

What are Oxygen Concentrators?

Firstly, it is a kind of medical device that is bigger in size than computer monitors. Secondly, the machine concentrates oxygen from the gas supply by selectively removing the nitrogen gas. Most importantly, replacing it with oxygen-enriched products gas. In conclusion, you do not need to refill the device, and it is portable. 

The devices are beneficial for treating patients with breathing disorders. Most importantly, it is cost-effective and the best for use in the home and hospital environments.


How Does the Oxygen Concentrator Work?

The oxygen concentrators collect oxygen from the ambient air and then filters this air through a sieve. Secondly, the concentrator compresses it as per the required density and releases the nitrogen back. In conclusion, it can successfully deliver medical graded oxygen in a consistent stream or pulse dose system. The compression and dispensation of the oxygen happen through a cannula which is 90-95 percent pure. The supply of oxygen is regulated via a pressure valve.

The Critical Role of Oxygen Concentrators for Covid 19 Patients

A major issue concerning Covid 19 patients is breathlessness and dropping oxygen saturation levels. The symptoms mainly start arising within 7-10 days of the illness. Oxygen saturation, also called SpO2, is the measure of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin in the blood. The normal range is 95%- 100%. However, in severe patients with Covid, it drops below 94%. Saturation levels below 90% are a clinical emergency. 

Depending on the supportive care, you can use these concentrators to provide the best possible care. It does wonders for those having mild symptoms. For those facing a crisis of oxygen cylinders or ventilator hospital beds, these devices have helped stabilize patient health.

Advantages of Oxygen Concentrators

  • Easy to operate 
  • Affordable alternative to cylinders 
  • Helpful during emergencies 
  • Portable

Buy high-standard Oxygen Concentrator devices from K R Lynch. It is a reputable company and well known in the field of medical equipment and surgical tools availability. You can purchase from their vast collection of medical apparatus, surgical accessories, home care, and critical care medical applications, etc.

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Importance of Ventilator in this COVID 19 Situation

Importance of Ventilator in this COVID 19 Situation


The whole world is fighting against this pandemic. In this crisis period, the medical industry has been suffering from various issues since 2020. Their battle is the hardest one during this pandemic. One of these issues is a shortage of medical equipment that COVID 19 infected patients need. A ventilator is one of these devices.

The demand for the ventilator is getting higher in this current time all over the world. The ventilator is one of the important medical devices right now. But why COVID 19 patients need it?

How COVID-19 Effect Your Lungs?

The respiratory system or lungs are the main area of attack in this disease. A person has two lungs, and ventilation is their main function. We breathe, and the entire process of expelling carbon dioxide into the air; And most importantly, taking oxygen present in the atmosphere inside our body through the lungs. Hence, we need active and healthy lungs to breathe properly.

COVID-19 has a major impact on our lungs. It makes it weak and inactive. As a result, the natural ventilation process of our body will be affected due to COVID-19.


Why COVID-19 Patients Need Artificial Ventilators?

Since the normal or in-build ventilation system stopped working due to this virus attack; As a result, it must have external support to keep the lungs working. Continuous oxygen supply is required to battle against the evil effect of this virus.

Mechanical Ventilator and Its Importance

An infected lung cannot function properly. In such a condition, a mechanical ventilator needs to perform and support your lungs. The device can do multiple tasks to make the patient feel better when the natural ventilation of his body is not working. This device performs a range of tasks which includes;

  • Correction of acute respiratory acidosis
  • Relieve respiratory muscle fatigue
  • Correction of hypoxemia
  • Guide the use of sedatives and muscle relaxants
  • Prevent partial collapse of lungs
  • Stabilize the chest wall

Artificial or mechanical ventilation achieves in your body through a ventilator. Hence, the demand for a good quality ventilator is high in the market right now.

Hospitals and nursing homes need to buy good quality ventilators to offer the best treatment to their patients during this pandemic. It is also necessary to check the reputation of the manufacturer and supplier to have authentic and reliable products.

At KR Lynch, we manufacture and supply top-class medical and surgical devices all over India. Our ventilators are advanced, highly supportive, and durable to handle the pressure, especially amidst the COVID-19 attack.