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Basic Medical Equipment that Every Healthcare Facility Should Have

Basic Medical Equipment that Every Healthcare Facility Should Have

Medical Equipment

There is certain basic medical equipment that every healthcare facility needs to have, irrespective of its size. Whether you own a clinic or a hospital, make sure to have these to deal with the patients effectively. It’s always good to buy these from reliable medical equipment dealers.

Important Medical Equipment for Healthcare Facilities


It is essential medical equipment that is most often used in the day-to-day operations of a healthcare facility. They are not just used for older people but also for those who cannot walk because of their conditions. You can also opt for an automatic wheelchair, but most facilities use manual ones.

Gauze, Tape and Bandages

They are essential for diagnosing burns, bruises, cuts, breaks and sprains. These act as first aid, and every healthcare facility must have these in large quantities.

Blood Pressure Monitor

This is something that even almost every home has nowadays. Blood pressure is one of the first things that a doctor checks as soon as the patient arrives, irrespective of the severity of the disease. You can consider having multiple blood pressure monitors on the basis of the size of the facility.

Bedpans and Urinals

These are used for bedridden patients to allow them to use the bathroom without moving.


These are generally used in life-threatening conditions like cardiac arrhythmias or tachycardia. It helps in restoring normal rhythm to the heart and is an essential tool a hospital always requires backups for.

ECG/EKG Machines

Electrocardiogram (EKG) machines are used to record the heart’s electrical activity over a period of time. It enables healthcare providers to monitor the overall rhythm of the heart to check for any abnormalities.

Electrosurgical Units

This equipment allows cutting, coagulating, or altering tissue during surgery, usually restricting the amount of blood flow to an area and increasing visibility. An electrosurgical unit is important for cauterizing and reducing blood loss during surgery.

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Medical Equipment

4 Mistakes Medical Facilities Should Avoid While Buying Equipment

4 Mistakes Medical Facilities Should Avoid While Buying Equipment

Medical Equipment

Many healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics and nursing homes are now taking up a self-serve model to make all the purchases per their requirements and terms. With the availability of a wide range of surgical equipment, proper research is important before ordering products. 

Here are some mistakes that medical facilities make while purchasing equipment. 

Four Mistakes A Medical facility Should Not Make

 Failure in Regular Servicing or Repair of Equipment

One of the biggest mistakes that any medical facility make is failure to get the available customer service. You should call the supplier for regular servicing of the surgical equipment. Choosing the best surgical equipment dealers will ensure the best and most prompt service. 

Not Carrying Out Proper Research Before Buying Equipment

Lack of research before purchasing can put in the worst scenario. You should know how the equipment works or whether your staffs need specific training for using that particular equipment. For the proper use of equipment, you can watch videos online and also make sure to confirm the availability of the parts of equipment.

Not Selling the Old Equipment but Keep it

This is another mistake that medical facilities make. It would be best if you avoided unnecessarily using or storing old equipment. Instead, consider selling it, which is a great way to raise money and make space simultaneously for new ones. This ensures reuse
and reduces waste as well.

 Settling for the Inappropriate Equipment Due to Lack of Funds

You must ensure that the equipment meets the facility’s requirements. This is an investment and lasts a few years. Consider financing if you don’t have enough funds to buy the new equipment. This will enable you to get the best equipment for the facility.

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Renting Or Purchasing Medical Equipment – Which Is More Feasible?

Renting Or Purchasing Medical Equipment - Which Is More Feasible?

ECG Machine

It is a challenging decision for hospitals to buy medical equipment as soon as the need arises. There are budget constraints that hold back the decision. Moreover, to smoothly run a hospital, numerous medical equipment pieces are necessary; however, not all hospitals receive the same amount of funding. To prioritise a purchase decision, the facilities and management of the hospitals have to compromise in some other departments.

Hence the hospitals should purchase medical equipment pieces from authentic medical equipment dealers in Kolkata. There are instances where the hospitals end up opting for renting options instead of purchasing the equipment pieces. This can be the case when the equipment might be required temporarily.

Which is a wiser decision? To know more, read on.

Factors determining the need for renting or purchasing medical equipment

Amount of budget allocated

The budget constraint is a significant reason that provokes medical facilities to rent medical equipment over purchasing. If the hospital’s funds are less and new technologies are needed, they prefer renting the equipment instead of funding the same. This helps the hospital to get hold of all necessary equipment pieces that are required. Moreover, the costs of repair and services provided to the rental provider help them to get overall coverage of the same.

Type of flexibility

Depending on the flexibility that the hospital receives from the medical equipment dealer, they generally take the decision. If the rental services are more flexible, then the same is used instead of buying the equipment. The flexibility that the care facilities receive when they take the equipment on rent is more compared to the purchase decision. They can save money and use the same for administering more medical treatments.

Type of patient care

The decision to purchase or rent the equipment depends on the type of patient care that the medical facility is about to provide. If customised patient care is the need of the hour, then buying equipment is not wise as you would need to change the same frequently. On the contrary, in such situations renting is a better option. You can get patient-friendly equipment now and then.


To sum up, the decision to rent or purchase medical equipment depends on many factors. For buying good quality medical equipment pieces, approach KR Lynch. We are a trusted name dealing in medical and surgical equipment. To know more, check our website.



Medical Equipment

What are the Benefits of Having in House Medical Equipment?

What are the Benefits of Having in House Medical Equipment?

Oxygen Cylinders

The old adage demonstrates to us that health is our greatest wealth. So, it is important to take care of our health on a regular basis. As we move to higher age, we tend to develop different ailments and problems. We may also get sick, which can be detected faster if we have specialised in-house medical equipment.

Need for Medical Equipment:

If you have an older person suffering from ailments or different health issues, it is important to keep medical equipment handy. To buy them, you should consult trusted medical equipment dealers in Kolkata. They can provide you with the best items at a fair price showing accurate results.

Why Should You Keep Medical Equipment Handy?

There are varied reasons for keeping medical equipment handy in your home. These are discussed in detail in this blog.

Monitors Chronic Diseases Faster

There are various chronic diseases that need to be monitored regularly. Patients with these diseases must have easy access to medical equipment. The availability of these equipments will also prevent the patients from regularly visiting hospitals or nursing homes for health monitoring. So, if you are a patient with asthma or diabetes, you can get real-time updates and report them to your doctor without any hassles.

Life-Saving Addition:

No one knows when a medical emergency will strike. So, keeping basic medical equipment in a home is important. You can also invest in smart medical devices that can detect a medical emergency and notify the emergency contacts. The equipment is a determining factor in detecting a patient’s condition during these situations.

Say Goodbye to Expensive Medical Procedures:

When you have all the medical equipment in store, you do not need to visit a health facility to undergo medical procedures. This helps you to save a large sum of money. Keep some basic equipment handy, like a Blood glucose analyser, Pulse Oximeter, Household ECG Units and Urine analyser. These devices are extremely easy to use, so you do not need to pay a medical assistant to monitor your health either.

For these reasons, you should invest in medical equipment. These may seem expensive but will be a valuable investment in the long run. For more assistance in purchasing these items, you can contact a qualified name like KR Lynch  Company. We are among the oldest medical equipment dealers in Kolkata, where you can find nearly all kinds of equipment. For more
details, visit our website today.

Hospital Furniture Medical Equipment

Major Issues in Selection of Best Quality Hospital Furniture

Major Issues in Selection of Best Quality Hospital Furniture

Hospital Furniture Manufacturers in Kolkata

The rapid development of the medical and healthcare industry ensures faster treatment and a better recovery rate. With this, healthcare business owners also ensure that their clients and staff will be provided with a good ambiance inside the facility. To ensure their comfort, efficiency and safety, often organisations look for the best Hospital Furniture Manufacturers in Kolkata. They want to buy the best sets of hospital furniture items suitable for all kinds of healthcare facilities in India.

Nonetheless, sometimes things can go wrong with hospital furniture. You should be aware of the common issues or mistakes regarding purchasing hospital furniture items from online stores.

Not Considering Your Requirements

Buying furniture for a hotel and a hospital is not the same. Healthcare facilities have specific needs and distinct setups. They are highly sensitive zones with high risks of spreading infections and germs. Hence, you should consider buying the right kind of fabrics for the upholstery of those items. For example, if you choose a vinyl chair, you should look for the one that is easy to clean and sanitise to eliminate germs and bacteria.

Not Checking Your Existing Furniture

If it is not a brand new setup, you must have some existing furniture sets at your hospital or nursing home. Ordering a new furniture set without checking the existing items is a major mistake. Before you order 50 new beds for the Female Ward of your hospital or 30 bedside lockers for the Male Ward, ensure that you really need them in that particular number. Take time to check all the old furniture items to ensure which are still functional. Ask your staff members to understand exactly how many beds, tables or lockers you should order for future use.

Ordering Products from a Not So Reliable Suppliers

If you order your items from a not-so-popular online store, there will be no guarantee of getting what you really want to buy. Dealing with an experienced and reliable online supplier will always help you buy the best product in the market. They will provide you with premium products specially designed for healthcare facilities in India. You can also obtain them at the best market price. Some of these companies offer discounts on bulk purchases.

KY Lynch is one such company. We are a noted manufacturer, importer, dealer and distributor of all these products. Our team is specialised in designing and developing medical and surgical equipment to match the current medical technologies.

Please get in touch with us for more information about our products.

Medical Equipment Portable ECG Machine

Buying a Portable ECG Machine? Don’t Forget to Check these Features

Buying a Portable ECG Machine? Don’t Forget to Check these Features

ECG Machine Dealers in Kolkata

An ECG machine is an important piece of equipment to measure the heart’s electrical activities. The functionality of the machine varies according to its size. The larger ones found in clinics and hospitals generally have complex operations. For domestic usage, you can get a portable ECG.

More About Portable ECG Machine:

A portable ECG Machine is ergonomically designed for simple usage. It is known for its convenience and accurate results. Buying a Portable ECG Machine is an important investment, so you should be careful in checking its various features.

Top Things to Check While Buying a Portable ECG Machine:

Contact the reputed ECG machine dealers in Kolkata to get a well-functioning device. Check the following features to ensure smooth and consistent usage.

  • Size: It is the most important feature when buying a portable ECG machine. You are investing in the machine to get accurate heart readings at any location. So it is wise to choose a machine that has a minimal shape. Try to buy a Portable ECG machine shaped like a digital blood pressure monitor or diabetes checker.
  • Battery Capacity: A Portable ECG Machine generally runs on a battery. So it is important to check the battery backup. Communicate with the supplier about its charging time and overall running time. As emergency equipment, it should not take much time to get charged fully. The display should also contain a battery level indicator. This will help you to know about battery usage.
  • Memory: The latest models of the portable ECG Machines can store past readings. This contains the date and time too. Before buying the machine, you should check its overall memory capacity. You should check whether it has an in-built memory or requires an external device for memory storage.
  • Accuracy: It is very important to regularly get an accurate reading of your heart activity. Before finalising a machine, you should get a detailed comparative study. Choose the one that you think produces a more precise result. You can measure the reading of your portable ECG machine with the one present at your doctor’s chamber. Select a device that is known to produce a consistent result.

To make a good investment in your medical equipment, it is important to check the features. Choose a reliable source like KR Lynch & Co to get the best items. We are amongst the well known ECG Machine Dealers in Kolkata. You can be guaranteed to get quality equipment by paying a reasonable price. Get in touch with us for more details.

Hospital Furniture Medical Equipment

Effective Tips to Purchase Hospital Furniture

Time To Enhance Your Knowledge About Oxygen Concentrators

Hospital Furniture Manufacturers

While purchasing hospital furniture, you must keep one important factor in mind. Safety is the major concern that you should keep in mind for hospital furniture. They should be superior in quality and durable enough to meet the needs of the patients. Besides durability, safety is a major concern that should be considered while purchasing any hospital furniture.

Thus before purchasing furniture, make sure that you check the quality and durability of the same. You’ll come across several hospital furniture manufacturers in Kolkata offering good quality hospital furniture pieces. Before you make a purchase, keep these points in mind. This will help you to make a positive purchase decision.

4 tips for purchasing good quality hospital furniture

Check comfort level

Hospital beds and wheelchairs which are being used must be comfortable and efficient for the patients to use the same without any stress or effort. When purchasing hospital furniture pieces like ICU beds, paediatric beds, and available beds, ensure that you check the comfort level before buying them the same. Comfort is a prime matter of concern because, without comfort, the patients will not be able to feel relaxed and respond to the treatment.

The durability of furniture pieces

It is a vital matter of concern that the hospital furniture pieces must be durable to ensure that they can be used safely for a long time. You must check the weight taking capacity of the hospital furniture pieces to ensure that you can lay the patient safely on the bed.

Easy to clean

One of the prime focuses of any hospital is to keep the furniture pieces clean and free from any infection. Thus, always check the maintenance and the cleaning technique that needs to be used to clean the furniture pieces. Check the same before making the purchase decision. Make sure that you purchase the furniture pieces which are simple to clean.

Visually convenient

Hospital furniture pieces must be visually attractive and convenient to use. If you purchase mundane and less lively furniture pieces for your hospital, the same might demotivate the patients. Hence, while purchasing the furniture pieces, make sure that you also check the visual appearance of the same. Colours and designs will certainly motivate the patients and help in the treatment process.

Buy durable and good quality hospital furniture pieces from KR Lynch, one of the premier hospital furniture manufacturers in Kolkata. To know more, check our website.

Medical Equipment

Time To Enhance Your Knowledge About Oxygen Concentrators

Time To Enhance Your Knowledge About Oxygen Concentrators


The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown light into the healthcare infrastructure of our country. There was a rapid increase in corona patients looking for oxygen supply to survive. But there was a shortage of oxygen cylinders and medical oxygen. It was when the demand for oxygen concentrators enhanced. Within a few months, the concentrators became the most sought-after devices among patients in home isolation. If you plan to visit an oxygen concentrator dealer, enhance your knowledge about the device and how to use them.

What Do You Mean By Oxygen Concentrator?

It is a medical device supplying extra oxygen to patients facing breathing problems. Few vital parts of the device are the sieve bed filter, pressure valve, nasal cannula and a compressor. There are nasal tubes or a mask through which oxygen is supplied to the patient from the oxygen concentrator. The primary difference between an oxygen cylinder and a concentrator is that the latter can supply oxygen throughout the day without refilling. There are two types of oxygen concentrators – continuous flow and pulse dose. The cost of the device depends upon how much oxygen they produce per minute.

How Do They Work?

Since oxygen concentrators filter and concentrate oxygen molecules derived from ambient air, patients can intake almost 90% of pure oxygen. The device has a compressor that absorbs ambient air and adjusts the pressure. The sieve bed is made of crystalline material known as Zeolite. It is responsible for separating nitrogen from the air. There is a continuous loop that purifies the oxygen the concentrator is producing. The function of the pressure valve is to regulate the oxygen supply before supplying it to the patient through an oxygen mask.

When Do You Need Oxygen Concentrator?

You might have to get in touch with one of the reputable oxygen concentrator dealers in Kolkata if a mild or moderately ill patient has a low oxygen saturation level of around 90%. But you should do it under medical guidance. If a patient has an oxygen saturation level of less than 85%, you can use an oxygen concentrator but only until the patient is admitted to a hospital. They are transferred to oxygen cylinders with high oxygen levels in a hospital. Generally, doctors don’t advise using oxygen concentrators for ICU patients.

If you plan to hire an oxygen concentrator, get in touch with a reputable dealer in Kolkata like KR Lynch. They deal in all surgical disposable items and hospital furniture.

Medical Equipment

4 Types of Hospital Beds to find with Every Dealer in Kolkata

4 Types of Hospital Beds to find with Every Dealer in Kolkata

Hospital beds are an integral part of every medical facility. Without proper hospital beds, a patient might feel uncomfortable, and the treatment process might get delayed. Unlike the older times, nowadays, hospital bed dealers in Kolkata offer a wide range of options. The hospitals must keep themselves equipped with all types of beds. They can use the same to suit the needs of different types of patients.

For instance, for bed-ridden patients, electric beds are the best option. On the contrary, for the not so serious patients, normal hospital beds are sufficient. Hence, to accommodate different types of patients, every hospital requires to keep different types of beds in store. Depending on the functionality and features, the hospital beds can be classified. Read on to know more details about the different types of hospital beds.

Types of hospital beds and their uses

Electric beds

These are the most advanced categories of beds that are easy to operate. Multi-speciality hospitals generally use this type of bed. They are operated through remotes and can be handled by the patients without the help of any external person. These beds provide added comfort to the patients and are expensive. However, the positive list of features makes these beds a popular choice among hospitals.

Gatch beds

These beds have been in use for a very long time, and you’ll find these beds in medium and low-cost hospitals. These beds need to be operated manually and offer minimum comfort. Hence, patients who suffer from bone injuries and need to stay in bed for a long time will not feel comfortable in gatch beds.

Collapsible beds

This bed is ideal for patients who are recovering from fractures. Collapsible beds are operated manually and can help the patients sit up or sleep even if they cannot move.

Moto-powered beds

Motor-driven beds are generally found in ICUs where there are emergencies of moving the patients’ beds. Like the electric beds, motor-powered beds will provide the patients with a minimum amount of independent access to move the beds as per their wish. The mattress used in these beds is highly comfortable, especially for paralysed patients.

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Medical Equipment

How to Maintain and Dispose of Surgical Equipment Pieces?

How to Maintain and Dispose of Surgical Equipment Pieces?


Many equipment pieces in the medical field are used only once and disposed of after that. For instance, surgical masks, syringes, gauges and surgical instruments cannot be used more than once. This measure is taken to avoid any spread of infections. However, mishandling surgical equipment pieces can cause medical problems and result in death. Every medical practitioner is thus required to follow the necessary guidelines to dispose of the surgical equipment correctly.

Professional surgical disposable dealers who sell different types of medical equipment pieces generally inform the users about how to dispose of the same in the safest possible manner.

Why is it important to dispose of surgical equipment pieces?

Healthcare centres generally adhere to strict guidelines for disposing of surgical equipment pieces. Certain equipment pieces are either difficult to clean or impossible to clean. It is a better option to get rid of the same. Dealers of such equipment pieces generally sell the same with the guideline to maintain relevance. Even when the medical practitioners adhere to the guidelines mentioned by the dealers, however, there are instances when they end up contaminating either the medicines or the equipment pieces.

Steam sterilizers are used to clean off and get things ready before the next surgery. This process helps to disinfect the surgical apparatus to a large extent. If the apparatus is not cleaned properly, it can pose biohazards and threats.

Normal water is not a good option to clean or sterilize the medical equipment pieces. Once used, disposable surgical products cannot be used again and again without cleaning the same. Due to the high mineral content, you must clean and sterilize each of them and dispose of the ones that are not reused.

Tips for disposing of surgical equipment pieces

  • The waste items must be kept in a place where they are not accessible by patients or doctors.
  • Access should be given to the authorized personnel to take care of the equipment pieces and dispose of them effectively.
  • Prepare biomedical bins for disposing of these items effectively not to get mixed with the other items.
  • Every bin should be placed in the medical rooms and the premises to help effectively get rid of the same.
  • Every medical staff should be conscious about the same so that the items can be disposed of effectively.

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