Function and Uses of BiPAP Machine in Treating Sleep Apnea

Use of BIPAP

As an obvious effect of modern technologies, the medical industry has received several latest pieces of equipment for better, faster, and easier diagnosis and treatments. One of them is the BiPAP machine.

What is a BiPAP Machine?

BiPAP is a Bi-level or two-level Positive Airway Pressure system. It is a highly functional, efficient, and compact medical device that aids people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) to breathe. The machine helps the patient intake pressurized air through a mask to keep their breathing pattern regulated when they are sleeping or when their COPD symptoms flare.

When used in the right manner, a BiPAP machine can treat patients suffering from sleep apnea. It sends air through a tube into the attached mask that the patients have over his nose. BiPAP pushes air into the lungs. Unlike CPAP, BiPAP delivers two pressures in the form of inhaling and exhaling pressure. They are commonly known as;

  1. Inhalation positive airway pressure (IPAP)
  2. Exhalation positive airway pressure (EPAP)

How Does BiPAP Work?

People, who find it difficult to breathe during their sleep, can get help from a BiPAP machine. The machine will help push air into their lungs. It has two settings to monitor the inhaling and exhaling procedure.

Some people cannot breathe for a programmed period due to several reasons. A BiPAP can help push into their lungs during that certain period. The setting is minimum breath per minute or BPM. This setting is typically designed to ensure that you can breathe a set frequency of breaths per minute.


How Does It Help in Sleep Apnea?

Before you know the impact or role of BiPAP for helping patients suffering from sleep apnea, you should know what sleep apnea is and how it can impact your overall health.

Sleep apnea is not a single, but a set of sleep disorders that causes frequent and several pauses in breathing during sleep. Often you can notice your partner stops breathing for a couple of seconds while sleeping. Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA is the most common form of this problem. It happens due to throat muscle constriction.

Complex sleep apnea, a combination of central and obstructive sleep apnea, can be fatal if left unattended and untreated for a longer period.

BiPAP is attached with the mask worn by the patient on his mouth and nose. The job of this machine is to deliver pressure to keep their muscle relaxed during sleep and help them keep breathing by pushing air into their lungs.

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