When Is a Ventilator Needed and What Does It Do?

When Is a Ventilator Needed and What Does It Do?

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A gadget called a medical ventilator aids in the functioning of your lungs. If you have a medical condition that affects your ability to breathe correctly or when you cannot breathe on your own, this device may save your life.

A ventilator aids in forcing air into and out of the lungs so that your body can receive the oxygen it requires. You could put on a fitting mask to help deliver oxygen from the ventilator into your lungs. Or, if the severity of your disease warrants it, a ventilator may be placed down your neck to oxygenate your lungs.
Ventilators are most frequently used in hospitals. A physician or respiratory therapist will manage the quantity of oxygen injected into your lungs.

What makes a ventilator necessary?

Respiratory failure is the medical term for being unable to breathe correctly and is a serious emergency.

Your brain, heart, liver, kidneys, and other organs won’t be able to perform as they should if they don’t receive enough oxygen. You can acquire the oxygen your organs require by using a ventilator.

How long should you use a ventilator?

If a ventilator is required during surgery, it is typical that you will  use it only when you are in a snooze state. This could last anywhere from a few seconds to a few more hours.

You could use a ventilator for several hours, days, weeks, or even longer if you need one for a medical reason. It varies depending on how long your lungs take to develop strength and independence.

What to anticipate on a ventilator?

It can be exceedingly painful to be on a ventilator while awake, especially if it includes a breathing tube through your throat. While attached to the ventilator, you cannot speak, eat, or move about.


If you’re on a ventilator, your doctor may prescribe medication to make you feel more at ease and relaxed. This lessens the trauma of using a ventilator. The most typical medications administered to patients on a ventilator are as follows:
Painkillers, sedatives, muscle relaxants and sleep aids.
These substances frequently lead to disorientation and sleepiness. Once you stop taking them, the symptoms will fade. Once you’ve finished using the ventilator, you won’t require more medication.

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Importance of Ventilator in this COVID 19 Situation

Importance of Ventilator in this COVID 19 Situation


The whole world is fighting against this pandemic. In this crisis period, the medical industry has been suffering from various issues since 2020. Their battle is the hardest one during this pandemic. One of these issues is a shortage of medical equipment that COVID 19 infected patients need. A ventilator is one of these devices.

The demand for the ventilator is getting higher in this current time all over the world. The ventilator is one of the important medical devices right now. But why COVID 19 patients need it?

How COVID-19 Effect Your Lungs?

The respiratory system or lungs are the main area of attack in this disease. A person has two lungs, and ventilation is their main function. We breathe, and the entire process of expelling carbon dioxide into the air; And most importantly, taking oxygen present in the atmosphere inside our body through the lungs. Hence, we need active and healthy lungs to breathe properly.

COVID-19 has a major impact on our lungs. It makes it weak and inactive. As a result, the natural ventilation process of our body will be affected due to COVID-19.


Why COVID-19 Patients Need Artificial Ventilators?

Since the normal or in-build ventilation system stopped working due to this virus attack; As a result, it must have external support to keep the lungs working. Continuous oxygen supply is required to battle against the evil effect of this virus.

Mechanical Ventilator and Its Importance

An infected lung cannot function properly. In such a condition, a mechanical ventilator needs to perform and support your lungs. The device can do multiple tasks to make the patient feel better when the natural ventilation of his body is not working. This device performs a range of tasks which includes;

  • Correction of acute respiratory acidosis
  • Relieve respiratory muscle fatigue
  • Correction of hypoxemia
  • Guide the use of sedatives and muscle relaxants
  • Prevent partial collapse of lungs
  • Stabilize the chest wall

Artificial or mechanical ventilation achieves in your body through a ventilator. Hence, the demand for a good quality ventilator is high in the market right now.

Hospitals and nursing homes need to buy good quality ventilators to offer the best treatment to their patients during this pandemic. It is also necessary to check the reputation of the manufacturer and supplier to have authentic and reliable products.

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