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Time To Enhance Your Knowledge About Oxygen Concentrators

Time To Enhance Your Knowledge About Oxygen Concentrators


The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown light into the healthcare infrastructure of our country. There was a rapid increase in corona patients looking for oxygen supply to survive. But there was a shortage of oxygen cylinders and medical oxygen. It was when the demand for oxygen concentrators enhanced. Within a few months, the concentrators became the most sought-after devices among patients in home isolation. If you plan to visit an oxygen concentrator dealer, enhance your knowledge about the device and how to use them.

What Do You Mean By Oxygen Concentrator?

It is a medical device supplying extra oxygen to patients facing breathing problems. Few vital parts of the device are the sieve bed filter, pressure valve, nasal cannula and a compressor. There are nasal tubes or a mask through which oxygen is supplied to the patient from the oxygen concentrator. The primary difference between an oxygen cylinder and a concentrator is that the latter can supply oxygen throughout the day without refilling. There are two types of oxygen concentrators – continuous flow and pulse dose. The cost of the device depends upon how much oxygen they produce per minute.

How Do They Work?

Since oxygen concentrators filter and concentrate oxygen molecules derived from ambient air, patients can intake almost 90% of pure oxygen. The device has a compressor that absorbs ambient air and adjusts the pressure. The sieve bed is made of crystalline material known as Zeolite. It is responsible for separating nitrogen from the air. There is a continuous loop that purifies the oxygen the concentrator is producing. The function of the pressure valve is to regulate the oxygen supply before supplying it to the patient through an oxygen mask.

When Do You Need Oxygen Concentrator?

You might have to get in touch with one of the reputable oxygen concentrator dealers in Kolkata if a mild or moderately ill patient has a low oxygen saturation level of around 90%. But you should do it under medical guidance. If a patient has an oxygen saturation level of less than 85%, you can use an oxygen concentrator but only until the patient is admitted to a hospital. They are transferred to oxygen cylinders with high oxygen levels in a hospital. Generally, doctors don’t advise using oxygen concentrators for ICU patients.

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