surgical disposable

A Brief Study On The Surgical Disposable Medical Devices And Their Categories

A Brief Study On The Surgical Disposable Medical Devices And Their Categories

surgical disposable

Maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness in healthcare facilities is vital to reducing the risk of dangerous infections and other contaminations. In addition to safeguarding the patients, the healthcare administration also has a responsibility to guarantee the security of the medical professionals and the nursing staff. The different medical departments have access to different kinds of hospital disposables. The surgical disposable dealers in Kolkata use materials of the highest quality and appropriate designs for fulfilling therapeutic goals. They use the utmost hygiene and safety standards.

Various hospital disposable categories

There are various categories within the range of disposable medical products and devices that include Anaesthesia, Urology, Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Non-woven, PPE items, Oncology, Transfusion, Gastro-enterology, etc. Some important things in the anaesthesia disposable medical product line include the oxygen cannula endotracheal tube. The endotracheal tubes are frequently composed of silicone, PVC, and polyvinyl chloride. For a patient under anaesthesia to get sufficient life support during potentially fatal procedures, all of these supplies are essential.

Few vital surgical items in the gastro-entrology area are the Salem Sump Tube Irrigation Tube, Infant Feeding Tube, Ryle’s Tube, Rectal Catheter, Kehr’s T Tube, and Levin’s Tube. Each item is designed to be used by one person to provide optimal cleanliness during medical procedures. These products reduce the likelihood of infection while simultaneously preserving personal hygiene.

The non-woven category of disposables is unquestionably the most important one when it comes to determining patient and medical professional safety. SMS Surgical Gown, Lab Coat, Shoe Covers, PE Type Shoe Cover, PPE59 – PPE Kit, N95 Face Mask, Patient Isolation Gown, Isolation Coverall, Face Mask 3ply, Face Mask 2ply, Doctors Cap, Coverall Protective Suit, Bouffant Cap, hand gloves, etc. are a few of the range’s noteworthy products.

The urology equipment includes a male external catheter penile sheath, silicon balloon, nylon catheters, urethral catheters, urine collection bags with a measured metres volume, and other items.

Safety Considerations and Sanitation Guidelines Related to Different Medical Supplies and Disposables

Disposable medical devices made by surgical disposable dealers in Kolkata come in various forms that are useful for patients and doctors. The various materials and disposable surgical equipment are intended for individual usage and single-use only. It guarantees the highest level of safety against cross-contamination, enabling the healthcare industry to uphold the facility’s sterilising standards. Contaminated medical equipment is frequently shown to be the main source of contamination and how disease spreads from one diseased body to another.

Healthcare facilities may efficiently administer each therapy with the highest level of safety and hygiene by utilising disposable medical equipment and supplies. However, a significant selection of disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) also aids medical professionals and nursing staff in maintaining personal cleanliness and protecting themselves from potentially fatal viral exposure while providing patient care. One of the top producers and providers of different kinds of hospital disposables in India is KR Lynch. For the lowest price on large purchases, get in touch with us.

surgical disposable

How to choose the right surgical disposables dealer?

How to choose the right surgical disposables dealer?

surgical disposable

Surgical disposables are commonly used products in hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers. It should only be used once, or else they may unnecessarily spread unwanted and dangerous infections. There is no shortage of surgical disposables dealers providing surgical
gloves, masks, drapes and surgical gowns. However, choosing the right one is extremely important.

All you need to know about finding a reliable surgical disposables dealer.

When searching for a dealer, it is essential to be careful and make an effort. There are various suppliers, so it might be tough to know which one suits your needs and meets your expectations.

Here are three tips to assist you in making the correct choice –

Spend a lot of time on your research

Before you select a supplier, you must carry out the task of comprehensive research. You need to read online reviews and testimonials. This will provide you with the right guidance regarding choosing a trustworthy and well-known dealer. Also, you should be patient and ask relevant questions when you interview potential dealers. In the end, you should be not only sure about the quality of their products but also be confident that they will deliver on time.

Quality or Quantity?

When opting for a surgical disposables dealer, along with the quantity, you should also keep the quality factor in mind. Numerous companies offer satisfactory and good products and services; however, you must be smart enough to consider working with a leading supplier (always a safer bet) to make sure that you get top-class and superior-quality items.

Your needs &  requirements matter the most

Your needs and requirements come first before anything else. You may want a supplier or dealer with many options or one specialising in a specific kind of product. Don’t forget to plan your budget and think about how flexible you can be when it comes to your shipments.

KR Lynch & ; Co is one of the best surgical disposables dealers in Kolkata, having over 100 years of experience in this field. Hence, you can count on us if you wish to choose from various product options at reasonable prices. Our broad range of surgical and medical equipment meets the needs and standards of today’s medical industry.

So, please don’t wait and check our website without further delay. You can also contact us for more information.

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How to Maintain and Dispose of Surgical Equipment Pieces?

How to Maintain and Dispose of Surgical Equipment Pieces?


Many equipment pieces in the medical field are used only once and disposed of after that. For instance, surgical masks, syringes, gauges and surgical instruments cannot be used more than once. This measure is taken to avoid any spread of infections. However, mishandling surgical equipment pieces can cause medical problems and result in death. Every medical practitioner is thus required to follow the necessary guidelines to dispose of the surgical equipment correctly.

Professional surgical disposable dealers who sell different types of medical equipment pieces generally inform the users about how to dispose of the same in the safest possible manner.

Why is it important to dispose of surgical equipment pieces?

Healthcare centres generally adhere to strict guidelines for disposing of surgical equipment pieces. Certain equipment pieces are either difficult to clean or impossible to clean. It is a better option to get rid of the same. Dealers of such equipment pieces generally sell the same with the guideline to maintain relevance. Even when the medical practitioners adhere to the guidelines mentioned by the dealers, however, there are instances when they end up contaminating either the medicines or the equipment pieces.

Steam sterilizers are used to clean off and get things ready before the next surgery. This process helps to disinfect the surgical apparatus to a large extent. If the apparatus is not cleaned properly, it can pose biohazards and threats.

Normal water is not a good option to clean or sterilize the medical equipment pieces. Once used, disposable surgical products cannot be used again and again without cleaning the same. Due to the high mineral content, you must clean and sterilize each of them and dispose of the ones that are not reused.

Tips for disposing of surgical equipment pieces

  • The waste items must be kept in a place where they are not accessible by patients or doctors.
  • Access should be given to the authorized personnel to take care of the equipment pieces and dispose of them effectively.
  • Prepare biomedical bins for disposing of these items effectively not to get mixed with the other items.
  • Every bin should be placed in the medical rooms and the premises to help effectively get rid of the same.
  • Every medical staff should be conscious about the same so that the items can be disposed of effectively.

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