Why Are PPE Kits So Important During The Pandemic

PPE Kits

Scientists and healthcare providers are always trying to know more about the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) so that they can fight the pandemic better. The virus can easily spread from one person to another if they are in close contact. The transmission can either occur through respiratory droplets or contact with infected surfaces. If you want to prevent the virus from spreading further, you have to undertake few precautionary measures. Recently, the demand for PPE apparel has enhanced drastically.

How To Fight The Pandemic With PPE?

Most healthcare professionals have started using personal protection equipment (PPE) as their first line of defense against the virus. It is almost mandatory for those dealing directly with patients. Social service workers and emergency medical technicians might even need them if they have to come in close direct contact with patients with possible or confirmed COVID-19 infection or their bodily fluids. It also helps in preventing the spread of germs between patients. To guarantee total protection, follow all the precautionary measures when using it and sanitize your hands.

What Does PPE Include?

All the items in a PPE kit are very important. It would help if you had them every time you come in contact with potentially infected people. Two integral parts of a PPE kit are,


A good protective mask, especially N95, filters the air you breathe. Not only will it give you some level of protection from the COVID-19 virus, but it also protects your face from dust, pollutants, and airborne particles. Ensure you sanitize your hands before and after putting on the mask and avoid touching it while wearing it. It will filter most of the airborne particles and not just gases and vapors.



Sterile latex gloves are an integral part of the PPE kit. You need them if you come in direct contact with infected patients or surfaces. The gloves will act as an additional barrier between you and the virus. They can effectively prevent contamination of hands by reducing the transmission of pathogens. It is advisable to change your gloves after every few hours.

Choose The Right Company Offering PPE Kit

If you want to ensure your safety by wearing a PPE kit, choose a reputable company offering it. K R Lynch is a certified company offering high-quality PPE kits. The fabric used by them to manufacture the kit is certified by government empowered agency SITRA. It passes through stringent test conditions, for even ‘Blood Penetration,’ at SITRA, Coimbatore. So, you can wear it with complete peace of mind.