3 Vital Points To Consider When Buying A Wheelchair


Wheelchairs are really beneficial for those with mobility issues. They make their life easier for the elderly. One of the biggest challenges you have to face when buying the equipment is to choose from so many options. Wheelchairs are technological devices with a long list of features and options. It will become easier for you to choose the right equipment if you know what you need from the start. Though they are a temporary solution for people with mobility issues, many use them for standard movement. If you want to carry it with less hassle, choose foldable wheelchairs.

Planning To Buy A Wheelchair? Few Points To Consider

  • Manual Or Electric

How much you have to pay when buying a wheelchair depends on whether you have chosen manual or electric equipment. It is a very significant distinction in wheelchairs. Though you have to pay less if you choose a traditional wheelchair instead of the electric variety, the latter offers more benefits. Choose an electric foldable wheelchair if you have a severe health condition or mobility issues. You have to choose between a self-propelled and an attendant propelled wheelchair if you plan to buy a manual wheelchair.

  • Body Shape

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make when buying a wheelchair is that they fail to consider a person’s body shape and build. The type of wheelchair an adult requires is different from that of a child. You can buy the right chair if you consider a few vital points like the gender, weight and height of the person using it. If you are planning to buy a wheelchair because it was recommended by a mobility expert or healthcare provider, you can ask them to help you make a choice. They will conduct an individual assessment and choose the most viable option.

  • Size And Dimension

You should consider the size and dimension of a wheelchair before buying it if you want to fit in it comfortably. If the wheelchair is too small, you won’t feel like sitting on it. If the wheelchair is too large, you might slip out of it when in motion. It is advisable to look for a manufacturer offering customised wheelchair options for children and adults. You should familiarise yourself with the various weight limits and know the limitations of each wheelchair variety.

These been said, it’s time you consider the points stated above and you can buy a wheelchair which suits your needs.