4 Types of Hospital Beds to find with Every Dealer in Kolkata

Hospital beds are an integral part of every medical facility. Without proper hospital beds, a patient might feel uncomfortable, and the treatment process might get delayed. Unlike the older times, nowadays, hospital bed dealers in Kolkata offer a wide range of options. The hospitals must keep themselves equipped with all types of beds. They can use the same to suit the needs of different types of patients.

For instance, for bed-ridden patients, electric beds are the best option. On the contrary, for the not so serious patients, normal hospital beds are sufficient. Hence, to accommodate different types of patients, every hospital requires to keep different types of beds in store. Depending on the functionality and features, the hospital beds can be classified. Read on to know more details about the different types of hospital beds.

Types of hospital beds and their uses

Electric beds

These are the most advanced categories of beds that are easy to operate. Multi-speciality hospitals generally use this type of bed. They are operated through remotes and can be handled by the patients without the help of any external person. These beds provide added comfort to the patients and are expensive. However, the positive list of features makes these beds a popular choice among hospitals.

Gatch beds

These beds have been in use for a very long time, and you’ll find these beds in medium and low-cost hospitals. These beds need to be operated manually and offer minimum comfort. Hence, patients who suffer from bone injuries and need to stay in bed for a long time will not feel comfortable in gatch beds.

Collapsible beds

This bed is ideal for patients who are recovering from fractures. Collapsible beds are operated manually and can help the patients sit up or sleep even if they cannot move.

Moto-powered beds

Motor-driven beds are generally found in ICUs where there are emergencies of moving the patients’ beds. Like the electric beds, motor-powered beds will provide the patients with a minimum amount of independent access to move the beds as per their wish. The mattress used in these beds is highly comfortable, especially for paralysed patients.

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