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Maintenance of Ventilators: Know the Best Preventive Measures


Medical equipment is supposed to save the life of patients. Equipment that is not functioning well can cause disaster for patients who are in critical conditions. Respiratory ventilators are one such medical equipment. Patients with severe respiratory issues need this device’s support to stay alive and respond to the treatment. Malfunction in this device can be fatal for the patients.

Hence, regular maintenance and inspection required to ensure that the device is in good condition. You need to follow some preventive measures to maintain the ventilators’ functionality; and safety inside the Intensive Care Unit or ICU in hospitals.

How to Maintain the Ventilators

  1. Regular Inspection of Ventilators

Medical devices need regular inspection. You cannot leave them unattended for an extended period. Frequent and proper assessment is one of the easiest preventive measures. You should follow to keep the ventilator in good condition. Check how it performs if there is any potential damage in the device. To ensure the patients will receive the best service from the same. Regular inspection will reduce the risks of accidents and increase the functionality and efficiency of the machine.


  1. Never Neglect the Signs of Damage

If your medical equipment shows some sign of damage; you should not neglect the same at any cost. Never overlook the damages; no matter how tiny and insignificant it may seem. Most importantly, a tiny flaw can cause serious issues later. If you notice any fault in the ventilator; call the experts to repair and replace that part immediately.

  1. Examine the Batteries of Ventilators

While inspecting the ventilator, you must not forget to check its batteries. Moreover, it would be best if you changed the batteries of your ventilator once in a year. But periodic monitoring of the system will help you to notice if the batteries are running well. When your ventilator deals with a higher volume of patients; you need to monitor its battery life and change it as per the requirement.

  1. Regular Disinfections

Hospital equipment must be disinfected regularly. Since the scope of spreading infections from one patient to the other through these machines is huge; you should not put their lives on risks. Besides, this could be risky for your staff and technicians too. Hence, regular disinfection of the hospital equipment, especially machines like a ventilator; recommended as a preventive measure. You need to follow the manufacturer’s guide while cleaning and disinfecting your ventilator to avoid damage and get the best results.

  1. Clean and Change the Filters

The filters of a ventilator play a crucial role in providing the best support to the patients. They protect the patients from inhaling hazardous substances and the machine from getting anything harmful from their breath. It is highly required to keep these filters clean and hygienic to avoid any contamination and risks.

Follow the Guidelines

Every medical device comes with specific guideline and regulations. Follow the particular guidelines while maintaining and cleaning these devices. Things can go out of control when you do not follow the prescribed procedures.

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Medical Equipment

How to Enhance the Lifespan of Surgical Equipment

Surgical Equipment

The significance of proper equipment in the surgical sector does not need any new introduction. We all know that to make a surgery successful, the presence of certified and highly-skilled surgeons are imperative. However, without proper surgical equipment, these experts would not get success in the process.

Hence, it is required to know how to enhance the lifespan of your surgical instrument; so that you can enjoy their best performance for a more extended period.

How to Enhance the Lifespan of Your Surgical Equipment?

Understand the Basics of Surgical Equipment Care

There are several options for keeping the surgical equipment in proper shape and form. The entire process divides into three distinct steps. If you follow them at a regular interval; you can indeed extend the life and efficiency of your surgical instruments.

Surgical Equipment

Cleaning the Instruments

Surgical equipment contains dirt, dust, stains and different types of germs. As a result, cleaning is essential. It ensures that you remove those elements from the kit thoroughly. The surface of the instruments may damage because of the build-up created by dirt, bodily fluids and tissues as well. The longer you take the clean them, the more challenging it will become. Hence, do not wait and clean the equipment after every use. Use water keep in room temperature to clean those instruments.

Disinfecting the Surgical Equipment

Cleaning is not enough to disinfect the equipment. They contain germs, blood, tissue and other bodily fluid which can be dangerous and contaminated. It is required to get them disinfected right after cleaning to avoid infection. You can use thermal as well as chemical methods for this. However, boiling may seem old school fashion; but it is still the most preferred way to disinfect surgical instruments. Nonetheless, if your device damages due to heat; then you must use chemicals like chlorine, Chlorhexidine and Hydrogen peroxide to disinfect them.

Sterilizing the Equipment

Since they are categorizing as “critical equipment”, surgical instruments need sterilizing. To sterilize the equipment, we are using different types of chemical solutions. You may need to mix various kinds of chemicals to get the desired results. The instruments must be soaked for a minimum of 10 hours in these chemicals for complete sterilization. Apart from that, you can use the dry heat sterilization process for your equipment which is a time-saving method.

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Medical Equipment

Why It Is Necessary to Maintain Hospital Equipment

In this present time, while hospitals across the globe are experiencing an excessive flow of patients daily, it becomes more important than ever to maintain the hygiene and efficiency of hospital equipment. The surmounting requirement of hospital furniture and equipment maintenance becomes obvious to offer fast, safe and efficient treatment to the patients in this pandemic phase.

Medical and Hospital Equipment

As per the industry experts, it is essential to maintain hospital furniture, equipment and other accessories to keep the entire service reliable and satisfying.

Significance of Regular Maintenance of Hospital Equipment

  • Maintenance improves the lifespan of the equipment.
  • It ensures optimum ROI through cost-intensive medical care.
  • State-of-the-art hospital furniture and machines demand timely maintenance.
  • It ensures optimal medical care and hygiene maintenance inside the hospital.
  • Patients feel safe and relaxed to visit such clean and well-maintained places.
  • The doctors and medical staff can offer uninterrupted services.
  • Progress in treatment procedures can be achieved easily.
  • Regular maintenance keeps the hospital equipment safe from damages.
  • The overall effectiveness of the treatment will be optimised.
  • Some furniture and equipment have a direct connection to the lives and comfort of the patients.

There are certain ways of providing proper maintenance to hospital furniture and equipment. Be it a hospital bed or an OT equipment or the chairs at the Out-Patient Department. Every single object must have regular cleaning and maintenance.

You should hire the experts for this job. Your in-house staff may offer you a good service, but to be sure about the right maintenance, you need the experts beside you. Hire professionals for hospital furniture maintenance. They will not only execute the job but also offer you tips and tricks which you can use in future.

Hospital Equipment

Prime Objectives of Regular Maintenance of Hospital Furniture

  1. Save repairing costs
  2. Increase the overall effectiveness
  3. Improve the performance
  4. Improve the recovery percentage of the patients
  5. Premium patient care and facilities
  6. Ensure the safety of the patients and the staffs
  7. Boost the reputation and build the trust

Buy the Right Hospital Equipment and Products

Along with the maintenance, it is also important to invest in the best equipment and furniture. You need to buy the items from a trusted company. Often they are ready to offer free annual maintenance of their products as their business policy.

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Medical Equipment

Importance of Pulse Oximetry as Medical Equipment in this Current Time

Importance of Pulse Oximetry as Medical Equipment in this Current Time

Pulse Oximetry in Emergency

In this current battle against COVID 19, we need the support of various medical devices. The devices will make our position secure and safe. Pulse Oximetry is one such medical equipment.

For a COVID 19 + patient it is highly essential to check the level of oxygen in his blood. Pulse Oximetry is a measure of this level. The device helps us to measure how much oxygen is currently present in our blood.

What is Pulse Oximetry

A healthy body and its organs need a certain level of constant oxygen supply to function properly. Without oxygen, those organs and the cells in the body will start malfunctioning. And gradually, they will die. Multiple cell death can take the patient to a severe condition. And organ failure can be a result of this.

A pulse oximeter measures the level of oxygen present in your body. Let the doctors know that you are not in critical condition or if any emergency medical treatment is required. It measures the oxygen saturation, which typically indicates how much oxygen your organs are receiving right now.

Medical Equipment

Benefits of Using this Device

  1. During this current pandemic, doctors are often suggesting the asymptomatic COVID 19+ patients stay at their home. And keep themselves in an isolation state. However, regular monitoring of their oxygen level is required to check. Suppose they need to get admitted to the hospital or not. For such patients, it is necessary to have pulse oximetry as essential medical equipment.
  2. Apart from this pandemic, people who have health conditions in which oxygen saturation level can be affected should have this device with them. For example, The sleep specialist suggests this device to their patients with sleep apnea. This measures the oxygen saturation level during their sleep as a part of their diagnosis and treatment.
  3. People who are receiving oxygen therapy or having breathing interventions must have this device. It checks their oxygen saturation level to find what type of improvement they are receiving during the treatment.
  4. In some cases, doctors use this machine for patients with respiratory or cardiovascular issues. It monitors the level of oxygen in their heart and lungs. It recommends having during exercise only.
  5. Not only the adults, for infants admitted in the neonatal care units also, but you can also see the use of this device to monitor the level of oxygen in their body in severe cases. The staffs can track and get alert whenever the oxygen level drops in the shape of an infant.

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Medical Equipment

How to Take Right Care of the Medical Equipment in Hospitals

How to Take Right Care of the Medical Equipment in Hospitals

Medical Equipment

The equipment you use in your hospital for patient care must be in good condition always. Otherwise, it will not be possible to offer flawless medical support to the patients, which can affect the reputation of your hospital. Moreover, faulty equipment can cause extra expenditure too.

Hence, it is essential to buy the products from the most reliable and experienced medical equipment dealers in Kolkata and then take proper care of those machines.

Simple Procedures to Follow for the Maintenance of Medical Equipment

Keep Them Clean

Wash all those equipment sets after every use to maintain the hygiene level inside the hospital. This is also necessary for offering a safe and hygienic service to the patients. Apart from this, keeping the equipment clean will ensure a long and functional life of them.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Guideline

Often we handle a particular medical instrument as per our norms. Nonetheless, every manufacturer provides you with some distinct guide and standards to manage specific devices. While controlling the medical apparatus, you should follow and obey those guidelines correctly. This will reduce the chance of having damages in the machine, and you can use them for an extended period.

Medical Equipment

Have Regular Servicing

Every machine needs regular and proper servicing. Be it a medical instrument or an engineering tool; you need to schedule servicing of the same after a regular interval. The expert technicians and medical engineers can check those machines and fix them if they find any issues. Regular servicing ensures good health and long life of all your medical apparatus.

Call for Professional Help

Whenever you find any kinds of difficulties in your medical equipment, call the experts. Do not try to open them and fix them on your own. This can cause more damages to the machine. The best thing you can do is call the experts of medical instrument repairs and let them handle the device. They can recognise the faults and fix them correctly within the shortest possible time.

Where to Buy the Best Medical Equipment in Kolkata

There are lots of manufacturers and dealers in Kolkata who deals with medical instruments. You should check their reputation, quality of the products, guarantee agreement and compare the price with the other manufacturers and dealers in the market. This will help you to obtain the best machines for your hospital at the right price.

Some of them also deal with hospital furniture. That means you can get all your required items for the hospital under one roof.

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