Medical equipment is supposed to save the life of patients. Equipment that is not functioning well can cause disaster for patients who are in critical conditions. Respiratory ventilators are one such medical equipment. Patients with severe respiratory issues need this device’s support to stay alive and respond to the treatment. Malfunction in this device can be fatal for the patients.

Hence, regular maintenance and inspection required to ensure that the device is in good condition. You need to follow some preventive measures to maintain the ventilators’ functionality; and safety inside the Intensive Care Unit or ICU in hospitals.

How to Maintain the Ventilators

  1. Regular Inspection of Ventilators

Medical devices need regular inspection. You cannot leave them unattended for an extended period. Frequent and proper assessment is one of the easiest preventive measures. You should follow to keep the ventilator in good condition. Check how it performs if there is any potential damage in the device. To ensure the patients will receive the best service from the same. Regular inspection will reduce the risks of accidents and increase the functionality and efficiency of the machine.


  1. Never Neglect the Signs of Damage

If your medical equipment shows some sign of damage; you should not neglect the same at any cost. Never overlook the damages; no matter how tiny and insignificant it may seem. Most importantly, a tiny flaw can cause serious issues later. If you notice any fault in the ventilator; call the experts to repair and replace that part immediately.

  1. Examine the Batteries of Ventilators

While inspecting the ventilator, you must not forget to check its batteries. Moreover, it would be best if you changed the batteries of your ventilator once in a year. But periodic monitoring of the system will help you to notice if the batteries are running well. When your ventilator deals with a higher volume of patients; you need to monitor its battery life and change it as per the requirement.

  1. Regular Disinfections

Hospital equipment must be disinfected regularly. Since the scope of spreading infections from one patient to the other through these machines is huge; you should not put their lives on risks. Besides, this could be risky for your staff and technicians too. Hence, regular disinfection of the hospital equipment, especially machines like a ventilator; recommended as a preventive measure. You need to follow the manufacturer’s guide while cleaning and disinfecting your ventilator to avoid damage and get the best results.

  1. Clean and Change the Filters

The filters of a ventilator play a crucial role in providing the best support to the patients. They protect the patients from inhaling hazardous substances and the machine from getting anything harmful from their breath. It is highly required to keep these filters clean and hygienic to avoid any contamination and risks.

Follow the Guidelines

Every medical device comes with specific guideline and regulations. Follow the particular guidelines while maintaining and cleaning these devices. Things can go out of control when you do not follow the prescribed procedures.

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