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Importance of Pulse Oximetry as Medical Equipment in this Current Time

Importance of Pulse Oximetry as Medical Equipment in this Current Time

Pulse Oximetry in Emergency

In this current battle against COVID 19, we need the support of various medical devices. The devices will make our position secure and safe. Pulse Oximetry is one such medical equipment.

For a COVID 19 + patient it is highly essential to check the level of oxygen in his blood. Pulse Oximetry is a measure of this level. The device helps us to measure how much oxygen is currently present in our blood.

What is Pulse Oximetry

A healthy body and its organs need a certain level of constant oxygen supply to function properly. Without oxygen, those organs and the cells in the body will start malfunctioning. And gradually, they will die. Multiple cell death can take the patient to a severe condition. And organ failure can be a result of this.

A pulse oximeter measures the level of oxygen present in your body. Let the doctors know that you are not in critical condition or if any emergency medical treatment is required. It measures the oxygen saturation, which typically indicates how much oxygen your organs are receiving right now.

Medical Equipment

Benefits of Using this Device

  1. During this current pandemic, doctors are often suggesting the asymptomatic COVID 19+ patients stay at their home. And keep themselves in an isolation state. However, regular monitoring of their oxygen level is required to check. Suppose they need to get admitted to the hospital or not. For such patients, it is necessary to have pulse oximetry as essential medical equipment.
  2. Apart from this pandemic, people who have health conditions in which oxygen saturation level can be affected should have this device with them. For example, The sleep specialist suggests this device to their patients with sleep apnea. This measures the oxygen saturation level during their sleep as a part of their diagnosis and treatment.
  3. People who are receiving oxygen therapy or having breathing interventions must have this device. It checks their oxygen saturation level to find what type of improvement they are receiving during the treatment.
  4. In some cases, doctors use this machine for patients with respiratory or cardiovascular issues. It monitors the level of oxygen in their heart and lungs. It recommends having during exercise only.
  5. Not only the adults, for infants admitted in the neonatal care units also, but you can also see the use of this device to monitor the level of oxygen in their body in severe cases. The staffs can track and get alert whenever the oxygen level drops in the shape of an infant.

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