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How To Recognize An Original Littmann Stethoscope

How To Recognize An Original Littmann Stethoscope

Littmann Stethoscope

Littmann stethoscope is a popular choice among doctors. It falls like a glory on the medical professional’s neck and is available in various types and colour. Although the stethoscope is expensive, there are a lot of duplicate models available in the market today. Be extraordinarily cautious and protect yourself from a fraudulent purchase.  

Time To Identify An Original Littmann Stethoscope From A Fake One 

Before buying a Littmann stethoscope, you should be extremely careful. Most likely, the seller will not tell you whether it is accurate or fake. Hence, it becomes your responsibility to choose the right one and not get misled into buying an identical product.  

Here are some crucial factors and points that you should consider to avoid getting cheated in the market after buying a fake stethoscope. 

The Factors Should Consider To Avoid Buying A Fake Littmann Stethoscope

 The price of the Littmann Stethoscope

This is a significant point when it comes to buying an original Littmann stethoscope. If the shopkeeper provides you with a massive discount, there are high chances that the product is fake. 

So before buying, check its original price on their official website. Although some variants are cheap, others, like Cardio II, is costly. The price stays between Rs. 5000 – Rs. 7000.  

Check the dealer 

Ensure that the dealer you are purchasing this stethoscope from has a good reputation in the market. Often buying from a branded place assure people that the shopkeeper is not cheating. But, this might not be a definite criterion all the time. This is why we recommend you to purchase from the official distributor only. 

Littmann Stethoscope

Check the cover of the box. 

 Check for the well-finished box cover of an original Littmann stethoscope along with the proper company seals. Also, check for the user’s manual inside, along with extra earpieces.  

Tubing and Earpieces 

 The Littmann stethoscope comes with a recoiling and soft earpiece for excellent comfort. If it is hard or brittle, the product is duplicate. Regarding the tubbing, the original ones have dual coloured, flexible tubes that do not break. This is an essential structure of the stethoscope. Check for shiny and stiff lines, which are a definite indicator of the product’s quality. So, identify these points carefully before making the final purchase.  

The chest piece  

The original model of this stethoscope has a code written on the chest piece. You can put this code on the official website and check for a guarantee. The diaphragm has a logo. If the product is a fake one, the diaphragm will be plain with no logo on it.  

Patency of Littmann Stethoscope

 The design of the original stethoscope has two connected earpieces pressed against each other. Consequently, the diaphragm moves along with the entire stethoscope. Always check this while buying from any shop. It is your responsibility to choose the product cautiously to not end up with a fake one.   


 If the standard of performance is degrading, the product is a fake one. Today, you can find high copies of this item in the market. Henceforth, it becomes difficult for the customer to know exactly, which is original and fake.  

By considering the different factors, you can guarantee a wise purchase of the Littmann stethoscope equipped with the right features. 

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