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Importance of Different Types of Masks

Medical Equipment

During this current pandemic condition, using of face mask becomes mandatory all over the world. No matter whether you are going out regularly or once in a week; not wearing the cover can be risky for your health. On the other hand, there are banks, shops, doctor’s clinics and other places where people without masks are entirely not allowed during this period to ensure the safety of the mass.

Before you buy a mask, you should know the types of covers available in the market and the importance of these categories.

Is your face mask reusable? How long can you use it? Is it washable? With lots of different types of available in the market, such questions usually are arising in the mind of the users.

It Is Important To Understand What Kind Of Masks You Should Buy And Use.

N95 Respiratory Masks


Health care staffs, doctors and other professionals who need to get in direct contact of COVID 19 patients or work in infected areas need to wear this type of mask. These masks are known for the best filtration of the air in comparison to the regular covers. They are not washable. They are tight and stay in position for a more extended period.

KN95 Masks

Like N95, KN95 masks are also considered a useful product to prevent contamination while working in risky zones or coming to the direct contact of the patients. This mask often used as a part of personal protective equipment or PPE in the health care industry. This is also a multilayered mask. They are not washable.

Surgical Masks

This is one of the highest-selling masks in India in this current pandemic phase. FDA approved surgical mask made of disposable material. Hence, it would be best if you used it only once and then dispose of the same to avoid any contamination. They are not washable.

Surgical masks

1-Ply Cloth Mask

A face mask with one layer of protection is known as the 1-ply mask. The ply refers to the layers used in the cover. 1-ply means one layer. You can buy them from local stores, online stores or you can even make them in your home with a new or old piece of clean cloths as well. This is a great one for the general public who need to cover their face while going out for different purposes.

2-Ply Cloth Mask

Face mask with two layers of cloths for protection is known as a 2-ply mask. The double layers of the fabrics ensure better safety for the users. If you think that you need to visit places where the risk of getting infected is higher than expected, then the 2-ply masks are suitable for you. Both 1-ply and 2ply masks are washable.

It is necessary to know the type of mask you should use in some specific areas so that you can ensure the proper protection for yourself and the people of your surrounding too.

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