Few Situations Where a Patient is Put Under Ventilation in Home

Few Situations Where a Patient is Put Under Ventilation in Home

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A Ventilator is a vital piece of equipment in the medical field. It is like an artificial breathing article for critical condition patients. The patients may lose their natural ability to inhale air due to acute medical conditions. The ventilator helps to supply oxygen-rich air to the patient’s body.

The Multiple Uses of a Ventilator:

Though a Ventilator is primarily found in a Hospital, it can also be used in the home. This can be helpful for those who are referred for home treatment from the hospital. All one needs is to find a trusted medical ventilator dealer in Kolkata. They can supply the best quality equipment.

Medical Conditions Where A Patient Needs Ventilator

There are various medical conditions where a patient may need ventilation at home. These are discussed elaborately in this blog.

  • Asthma: Patients with asthma need a constant supply of fresh Oxygen. For this reason, they should have a medical ventilator in their home. Severe asthma attacks can affect the respiratory system of the patient greatly. In some situations, the inhalers may not be able to provide proper help. To get enough Oxygen, the patient may be put on a ventilator.
  • Stroke: Brain attacks or stroke is another medical condition that can cease the supply of Oxygen-rich blood in the system. This supply disruption may cause thrombosis or blood clots, which may bring death. If the breathing process is affected by a brain stroke, the patient will need artificial respiration. For this reason, the family should keep a ventilator handy.
  • Coma: It is a medical state where a patient remains unconscious for a long period. This may last a few hours to a few years or even decades. It is impossible to keep the patient in the hospital for that long, and they would be referred back home. The patient needs a constant artificial Oxygen supply to ensure a proper breathing process. This goal can be accomplished by a ventilator.
  • Surgeries: Sometimes, a patient needs additional Oxygen support during critical surgery. An uninterrupted breathing procedure is a vital requirement here. In these situations, the Surgeon may take the help of a Ventilator.

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