Various Equipment that You Can Find in the ICU of a Hospital

Various Equipment that You Can Find in the ICU of a Hospital

ICU Equipments DealersThe ICU is one of the most vital areas of a hospital. It is generally situated in a quiet hospital space dedicated to treating critically ill patients. The environment inside the ICU is always filled with anxiety and tension. The healthcare staff work tirelessly to offer the best medical treatment to the patients.

The Importance of ICU Equipment

Though the effortless service of doctors and nurses is obliged by many, the equipment at the ICU plays a crucial role in restoring patient health. These are vital medical tools that offer patients life-saving care. From monitoring the time-to-time updates of patient health to identifying their vital signs, these machineries play a crucial role in providing proper medical attention.

Common Medical Equipment Found in the ICU of a Hospital

To receive quality healthcare machinery, getting connected with ICU equipment dealers is advisable. We talk about the vital equipment seen in the ICU in the following section.

  • Ventilators: These are some of the most common healthcare equipment used in the ICU room of a hospital. Ventilators help patients with breathing troubles breathe normally. They pump oxygen and carbon dioxide from the patient’s lungs. In the market, you will find multiple variants of ventilators, some coming with advanced features that can benefit the patients.
  • Defibrillators: This device consists of two compressors that look like a steam iron. They are used to deliver electric shock to the heart to restore its normal rhythm. The machinery is extremely helpful for patients experiencing cardiac arrest. Doctors use it for managing patients with cardiac arrhythmias in the ICU.
  • Syringe Infusion Pumps: Medication plays a crucial part in a patient’s recovery. When they are unable to consume medicines of their own, doctors use syringe infusion pumps. These are highly helpful in administering intravenous medication. You can also use the pumps to infuse other liquid products and nutrition to the patients.
  • ECG Machines: No matter how big or small a hospital is, you will definitely find the presence of an ECG Machine in its ICU. It helps doctors diagnose and treat patients with heart troubles. Various types of ECG machines are available in the market. The price of this equipment varies largely on the use, features and year of manufacture.

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