Time to Learn More About Different Types of Catheters

Time to Learn More About Different Types of Catheters


Any problem with the urinary tract can cause massive health deterioration. To eliminate the effects, treating the problem in its initial stage is important. However, even after treating the problem, one might need some external help for excretion. We are talking about releasing urine from a patient’s body.


The Need for A Catheter


To perform the vital task of driving the urine from the body to the collection bag, you need the help of a catheter. It is a hollow, semi-flexible tube that transports urine from the bladder to the drainage bag. You can find several variants of a catheter. You must reach a well-known medical equipment dealer to find one that matches your requirements.


More About Different Forms of Catheters:


In the following section, we discuss the different types of catheters. You can learn more about the features of the catheter variants here.


  • Indwelling/Foley Catheters:

It is the most popular catheter variant that can be widely found. A patient can use it according to their required time. The catheter connects to a drainage bag for urine collection. For urine flow out, you can find a valve that can be opened. Some Foley catheters contain straps, so patients can conceal them under their clothes.


  • External Catheters:

These are catheters that can be directly put on. The equipment is suitable for people suffering from incontinence or dementia. It is generally shaped like the male genitalia, which enables proper fitting. For proper use, this catheter has to be replaced daily.


  • Short-Term Catheters:

As the name suggests, these catheters are only needed for a specific time frame. They are suitable for patients who need external support for excretion after surgery. It is medically known as an in-and-out catheter.


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