Oxygen Cylinder

How to Safely Store Oxygen Cylinders in the Workplace?

Oxygen cylinders contain oxygen under pressure. As the cylinder is depleted of gas, the pressure gauge gradually falls off. Though oxygen is considered non-flammable, the oxidising gas and the cylinders can cause serious injury and damage if they are not handled or stored properly.

The air we breathe contains around 21% of oxygen; hence, even a small increase can potentially cause a hazard. When extra oxygen is leaked into the air, the condition is called oxygen enrichment. In case of oxygen enrichment circumstances, the workers remain extremely vulnerable, with the potential for hair and clothing to easily catch fire.

Handling the oxygen cylinders the right way

Here, we have highlighted why it is paramount to handle oxygen cylinders safely in the workplace and how you can do that.

Leaking oxygen gas cylinders

Oxygen gas leaks pose a real threat to workers and their work environments. A leaking gas cylinder can rapidly escalate into a dangerous oxygen enriched environment. This becomes all the more of a problem with confined spaces and rooms with poor ventilation.

If you outsource the cylinder from a not so reliable supplier, you might often get faulty cylinders. These may contain leaks and need to be serviced as soon as possible. Oxygen bottle leaks could be caused by several factors like damaged hoses, pipes and valves. It could also emanate from worn fitting and loose connections. A lot of people forgetfully leave the valves open when not using the cylinder. All these could contribute to fatal circumstances.

You should take enough precautions to close the valve when the cylinder is not in use. Moreover, you should always outsource your cylinders from a reliable supplier of oxygen cylinders.

Being in contact with incompatible materials and gases

Often, materials such as oil, grease and certain other metals and plastics can come in contact with pure oxygen under pressure. They can react explosively and spontaneously catch on fire. This is precisely why workplaces should only use materials and components that have been tested and certified safe for use with oxygen.

Incorrect use of the oxygen gas

Oxygen cylinders have caused many inadvertent accidents when workers have mistakenly substituted oxygen for compressed air or other gases. Organisations should delineate the roles and functions of oxygen cylinders properly. Some instances of incorrect use of oxygen may stem from:

  • Using oxygen to drive pneumatic tools instead of compressed air
  • Inflating vehicle tyres
  • Starting diesel engines
  • Attempting to increase oxygen levels in a confined space

You should make certain that your equipment is compatible with oxygen. In that case, you should postpone using it until confirmation.

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