Suction Machine

What’s the Significance of Suction Machines in Empowering Patient Care?

What’s the Significance of Suction Machines in Empowering Patient Care?

A suction machine is a kind of medical device that is used to eliminate obstructions like saliva, mucus, secretions, or blood from a patient’s airway. At times, individuals may not clear secretions because of their unconsciousness or certain medical procedures. Under such circumstances, suction devices enable them to breathe properly by maintaining a clear airway.

The Evolution of Suction Machines

New-age suction devices come with advanced features and perform designated tasks precisely. Manual suction machines are a thing of the past. With technological advancements, suction pumps nowadays come with electric and battery-powered units.

Components of a Suction Machine

A suction device is composed of various components, as listed below:

  1. Disposable or rechargeable batteries
  2. Vacuum pump
  3. Connection tubing
  4. Disposable canister
  5. Sterile patient tubing
  6. Filters
  7. Power cord

How Does a Suction Machine Function?

Medical practitioners use suction devices to create negative pressure that is channelled through a plastic connecting tube. This plastic tube is known as a single-use catheter. A vacuum effect is generated by the negative pressure that extracts mucus, blood, and other secretions out of the throat. These secretions are dispensed into a jar.

Uses of Suction Machines

There are multiple uses for suction machines, as listed below:

  1. Eliminating respiratory secretions when the patient is unable to do so.
  2. Supporting a patient who is vomiting while seizing
  3. Clearing blood from the respiratory tract
  4. Removing a foreign particle from an individual’s windpipe.

How Do Suction Machines Empower Patient Care?

As you can see, suction devices play a great role in patient care. These devices play a crucial role in ensuring patient safety. Let’s have a look in detail:

  1. Effective airway clearance: A suction machine removes blood, secretions, or foreign objects from a patient’s respiratory tract effectively. This way, suction machines play a great hand in preventing pulmonary aspiration.
  2. Increased patient comfort: A suction apparatus minimises the discomfort of patients caused by excess fluids or mucus in the windpipe. It facilitates smoother breathing and lowers infection risks.
  3. Enables medical practitioners to work on the targeted area: With a suction device, doctors operate in the concerned area without any hindrance.

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