What is an Oxygen Cylinder, and How Does It Work?

Oxygen Cylinder

When it comes to life-saving medical instruments, you can’t miss oxygen cylinders. They are often used for patients having difficulty inhaling enough oxygen on their own. Oxygen cylinders are designed to supply oxygen to patients at home, hospital or even on the go. Here are some important facts about these cylinders you must know.

Everything You Must Know About Oxygen Cylinders


What is an oxygen cylinder?


We all know that the human body can’t survive without oxygen. When an individual’s lung doesn’t work efficiently, they start having breathing and respiratory issues. This can cause problems with their heart, brain, and other body organs. This is when Oxygen Cylinders Become a saviour.

An oxygen cylinder is a container used to supply oxygen to the patient using a surgical mask over the nasal cannula. They come in various capacities and are chosen according to the patient’s condition.

How does it work?

It has a pressure gauge, humidifier bottle,  flow regulator knob, nasal cannula, adapter, cylinder and surgical mask. Let’s have a look at how it operates.


  • Turn the valve of the oxygen cylinder on through a wrench.
  • The next step involves checking the gauge to check the pressure. Make sure there is sufficient oxygen in it.
  • Adjust the flow through the flow regulator knob to the rate that the doctor has prescribed.
  • Connect tubing and nasal prongs as needed. You can adjust the nasal prongs for a comfortable fit, and that’s all. It’s now ready to use.

How is an oxygen cylinder different from an oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators provide oxygen to patients with difficulty breathing. But you must have noticed that oxygen cylinders are used more often than oxygen concentrators.

The key difference is that they both have different ways of delivering oxygen. Oxygen cylinders have a fixed amount of oxygen compressed inside them. It allows a patent to inhale oxygen until it runs out. On the other hand, oxygen concentrators can produce an unlimited supply of oxygen by filtering and producing medical-grade oxygen as the battery that powers this mechanism has life.

The oxygen in the cylinders is already compressed within the tank, and the supply is decreased gradually until the tank runs out and needs to be replaced or refilled. An oxygen concentrator takes in air, filters it and delivers it in a new form.

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