People who need to remain on wheel Chairs for the rest of their lives are the bravest ones. Though some people may find them unfortunate, the fact is these people are the real fighter. Despite their immobility and difficulties, they never keep themselves trapped in a room, and use the right kind of wheelchairs to go out, move and travel.

Wheel Chair

With the immense advancement in hospital furniture or medical equipment, the design, shape, style and pattern of wheelchair have also changed a lot. The designers and the manufacturers keep the daily requirements of the people who use these chairs as well as the convenience of their caregivers while planning the designs. Hence, the modern wheelchairs are more comfortable, reliable, accessible and safer than their ancestors.

Let’s Know The Factors That Are Highly Important While Buying Wheel Chairs.

Which is a Standard Wheel Chair

A standard wheelchair has two large rare wheels and two small front wheels. The rare wheels can be reached by the users to move the chair from one place to the other. Hence, the standard wheelchair can be moved either by the users themselves or by their caregivers. They are also known as manual chair since the user can himself use it to move. These types of wheelchairs are transportable, collapsible and easy to use.

What is Transport Wheel Chair

As the name suggests, these wheelchairs are specially designed for transportation purpose. That means, when you wish to travel somewhere on the wheelchair, then you can use such chairs. These chairs are narrower than the standard wheelchairs and have smaller wheels as well. Hence, you can easily travel with them. They are light in weight, compact and easy to navigate also. Hence, these chairs are ideal for outdoor uses. However, only the caregiver can move these chairs, and the users cannot.

Wheel Chair

Why Do You Need a Wheel Chair

People need to use a wheelchair for only one reason. If they are unable to walk or not allowed to walk due to physical conditions or should not take the stress of walking, then only a wheelchair use is necessary.

Now, the use of a wheelchair can be temporary or permanent depending upon the physical condition of the person who is using the same. People with serious and permanent difficulties in walk or issues of immobility must use the wheelchair for the rest of their lives. On the other hand, if you are not able to walk or your doctor has restricted your walking for a while due to some specific health condition, then you can use the wheelchair for a while. After that, you can get rid of it.

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