Model No: KRL - SBW 2014A

Warmer – SBW 2014A

Technical Features :

Two Bright Digital Displays Monitoring Temperature, Baby / Air Temperature, and Set Temperature,
* Micro processor based technology with
proportional integarted technique to
control the heat.
* Manual/Servo Control (2 Sensor Air/Baby)
* Three levels safety cut off, built on
“Baby fully safe” Principle
* Feather touch keys
* Systems fault warming audio/visual
(a) Air/baby Sensor
(b) Power Fail
(c) High Temperature
(d) 1° C high and 1° C low from
set Temperature.

* Temperature range 20°C to
40°C with 0.1°C resolution.
* Power requirement 220V / 50
* Manual mode with settable
heater output
* Heater output : 0 to 100% in
increments of 20%