Model No: KRL - MI 115 E-4



  • Electrically Driven, Finger Touch Controlled.
  • Electrically Driven, Finger Touch Controlled.
  • Flexibility for Patient Positioning required for modern surgeries.
  • Mains operated Electrical System.
  • ln-built Rechargeable Battery

Eccentrically Positioned table top for maximum access for :-

  • movement of C-Arm image intensifier.
  • X-ray Translucent Four Sectional Top.
  • Noiseless and Smooth Operation.
  • Mobile base with Floor Locking facility.
  • Sturdy T-type base for easy operation.
  • Base and Column covered with Stainless Steel prevent dirt
  • and fluids from getting into base and easy to be cleaned.
  • Frame and Side Rails are made of S.S.
  • Completely RUST proof design.


Finger touch hand set controlled position:-

  • Height Up / Down.
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg.
  • Lateral Tilt both sides.
  • Flex / Reflex
  • 90 degree Chair.
  • Head and Leg sections are detachable and adjustable manually.
  • Adaptable to Ortho attachment, Neuro Surgery attachment and other special accessories.

Standard Accessories

  • 50 mm Water Proof Rubber Mattress.
  • Pair ol S.S. Arm Board with Mattress.
  • Pair of Shoulder Support.
  • Pair of Lateral Support.
  • Anaesthetic Screen Frame.
  • Pair of Geopal type Knee Rest,
  • Optional Accessories


Orthopaedic Attachment : – 

  • Wholly made of Stainless Steel consists of following :
  • Orthopaedic Leg traction device.
  • Broad Hand Surgery Table & Telescopic support & Mattress.
  • L-shaped Knee Rest.
  • lnner thigh support for Lateral Positioning.
  • Raised Arm Board for Lateral Positioning.
  • Steinmen Pin Clamp.
  • Counter Traction post for Tibia.
  • Hand Traction Device.
  • Spine Frame.

Neuro Surgery

  • Horse Shoe Shaped Neuro Surgery Head Rest.
  • Mayfield Three Pin Head Fixator for Neuro Surgery in Supine and Sitting Position.

Urology / General Surgery

  • lnbuilt kidney bridge X-ray translucent & C-Arm Compatible.
  • PCNL attachment (Extra long Leg Section X-ray translucent with telescopic support.
  • TUR Drainage Tray.