How Can ECG Examination Help in Diagnosis and Treatment of Heart Diseases?

ECG Machine

The risk of heart attack among men and women above 35 is increasing daily. People are looking for healthy solutions to avoid this risk. Doctors also want to detect the issues in their patients a little early so that faster treatments can be done to avoid risk and increase the chance of saving lives. In this process, the use of ECG machines plays a vital role.

Before you contact the top ECG Machine Dealers in Kolkata, you should knowhow ECG machines can help doctors to diagnose and treat heart diseases.

What Is ECG?

Electrocardiogram or ECG is a very common medical examination to check patients’ heart rhythm and electrical activities.

This is a very trusted way to detect any potential risks in the human heart. ECG is effective in diagnosing and monitoring conditions that can have a deep impact on your heart.

Doctors typically recommend this test to identify problems when a patient has symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitation, and dizziness. This test can detect a range of issues in the heart, including;

1. Heart attack
2. Arrhythmias
3. Coronary heart disease
4. Cardiomyopathy

Sometimes, doctors can suggest a series of ECGs to monitor your heart if you are already going through any kind of heart disease or you are on the medication used for conditions related to the heart.

Why Is ECG Required?

ECG is required to find out if you have any potential risk of a heart attack in the near future. Besides, it will help your doctors to diagnose other heart issues that can cause serious health hazards. Doctors can monitor your heart and help you with various treatments to improve the condition as soon as possible.

3 Types of ECG Tests

Resting ECG:

The patient must lie still on his back with a bare chest. The position must be comfortable and stress-free to get an accurate result.

Exercise ECG:

In this process, the ECG machine will monitor your heart’s condition while you are active. You may walk on a treadmill or ride an
exercise bike to check how your heart reacts when you are in motion.

Holter Monitoring:

In this test, the machine will monitor your heart’s activities and conditions for 24 hours. A few electrodes will be attached to your chest for this period to get a clear image of your heart’s condition during the entire period while doing various activities or rest.

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