Follow These Tips for a Safe Storage of Oxygen Cylinders in Home

Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen supply is a vital need for our living. However, patients suffering from respiratory problems may need additional support for breathing. For this reason, many households keep oxygen cylinders handy.

Handle the Cylinders with care

The storage of medical Oxygen cylinders is a very important requirement you should look out for. Though Oxygen itself is tasteless, colourless and odourless, it aggravates combustion. So, when you buy the equipment, ensure that you buy it from a reputable oxygen cylinder dealer in Kolkata.

This blog contains some precautionary steps to store Oxygen cylinders in a home. You can also learn about the importance of storing the cylinders properly.

Basic Safety Precautions for Storing Oxygen Cylinders

There are two primary reasons why one needs to be extra careful in storing oxygen cylinders. The first reason is that Oxygen can contribute more to a dangerous fire hazard. Another reason for proper oxygen storage is that it can cause injury and damage if not handled properly. If the cylinder drops on the floor, it can get leaked, which may cause danger to the property.

You have to follow the safety precautions mentioned below for proper storage of the cylinder:

  •  No matter what, you should always keep the cylinder upright. If you are compelled to store it horizontally, ensure it doesn’t hit any other object.
  • Maintain a safe distance between the cylinder and fire sources. Do not ever plan to store it inside or near your kitchen.
  • Store the oxygen cylinders inside a well-ventilated outlet. Never keep them inside closets or cupboards.
  • Close the valves completely before storing them in your home.
  • Check the Oxygen Cylinders Regularly for any types of Leaks or Damages. Follow it if the cylinder is in your home for a long time.

Other Safety Tips:

Apart from following these basic steps, you should pay heed to other steps for maintaining extra safety. Ensure that your home insurance provider, family members and visitors know about the oxygen cylinders. Keep the cylinders protected or chained inside the room to prevent theft. Also, you can put up a No Smoking Board on the door of the storage room. These are some important prerequisites for the safe storage of oxygen cylinders. For extra safety, it is important to buy the apparatus from a trustworthy source like KR Lynch & Co. We are one of the well-known oxygen cylinder dealers in Kolkata. We can provide you with the cylinders at a competitive price. For more details, you can visit our website.