Ensure Safety by Re-stocking Your Facility with These COVID 19 Equipment

Covid 19 EquipmentThe coronavirus pandemic, also known as COVID-19, has affected our lives significantly. Since the first outbreak, we have witnessed a series of waves where millions have been affected. Whether you remain in your home or step out for work, you are required to follow certain safety protocols.

Remain Protected of Danger

Even after nearly four years since the deadly outbreak, we are still not out of danger. There have been updates regarding upgrading a new variant that is projected to produce deadly outcomes. For personal health protection, many have resorted to following the norms of the new normal.

Which Specific COVID-19 Equipment Should You Buy?

To protect yourself and your family from the deadly effects of the virus, you must equip some important COVID-19 equipment. We point out some of these in the following section.

  • N95 Masks:

    These are the most common form of protective equipment that can keep you safe from the virus. These are generally made of flexible, non-woven polypropylene fibre. These masks are said to be acting as a natural filter for the virus. The properties of the masks can filter out 99.8% of the diameters that measure less than 0.1 micrometres in diameter.


  • PPE Kit:

    Whether you work in the frontline or not, having a PPE kit is very helpful. It can be used by children and adults alike. The Personal Protective Equipment kit consists of several items. These include a bodysuit gown, a full-sleeve apparel that prevents entry of all kinds of liquid. You may also find a head cover to protect your face and head. The last item is a biohazard bag, which you can use to dispose of all the used materials.


  • Gloves:

Along with protecting other parts of the body, you should take precautionary measures in covering the hands. Hand gloves made of latex or Nitrile can help you fulfil this goal. Latex gloves are a must-have item for healthcare workers, as they provide optimum protection against pathogens. Nitrile gloves, on the other hand, are puncture and chemical-resistant.


By investing in these protective equipment, you can tackle the incoming danger of the new COVID-19 wave. To purchase these items from a trusted source, you can visit KR Lynch & Co. We are a well-known dealer based in Kolkata, dealing in different types of COVID-19 equipment. These are made from the finest quality raw materials and sourced by leading healthcare units across the city. For any queries, you can visit our website or contact us today.