5 Most Important Equipment For ICU and NICU


Whenever a person is critically ill, the word ICU and NICU crop up in the family members’ minds. Although functionally both r same, however, a NICU primarily builds only for newborn babies. ICUs, on the other hand, have big beds which are not quite suitable for babies. The types of equipment for both ICU and NICU are more or less identical. However, the type of patients that the units treat is different.

God forbid if your baby or any other person is admitting to either the ICU or the NICU, then keep a note of the unique types of equipment that should be necessarily present in units. Always remember that each kit has its own set of functions.

Since you’re not a doctor, knowing about the types of equipment present in that place is difficult. It’s natural to mess up the medical terms. However, when providing the best healthcare arises, it’s better to inquire the hospital staff about the types of equipment and get an idea.

Learning about the ICU and NICU types of equipment can be overwhelming. Although the number is unending, however, here’s a list of a few that can help you get a general knowledge about the same.

Cardiac Monitor

Most Popular ICU and NICU Types of Equipment Present in Every Hospital

Cardiac Monitor

Monitoring the heart rate of the baby or the critically ill patient is essential. Hence, any ICU or NICU you walk into must have a heart monitor, cardiac, respiratory monitor, pulmonary, and cardiac monitor. It’s simple to understand the machine with the wires coming out of the device being attached to the baby’s chest using small sticky pads. While your loved ones are deep asleep, you can monitor their heart rate on the screen.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Fluctuations of blood pressure levels is a common phenomenon in the case of patients who admit to ICU and NICU. According to the doctors, this is a bad sign. That’s why they use a blood pressure monitor kept in that place. The blood pressure level monitored using some cuffs that tie to the hands of the patients. Sudden fluctuations can cause severe damage. Hence keeping this equipment in hand is a necessity.

Scanning Machines

Standard scanning machines like X-ray, CT scan, and MRI scanner are mainly using for critical patients. Keeping these machines in place can save the pain of taking the patients to the facility center. Using the scanners for getting inner pictures is the first step of every doctor’s prescription. Check for the presence of these types of equipment before admitting the patient. In the case of babies use of sedatives is also done to make them lay down motionless on the table. So, not only types of equipment but also relevant medicines are necessary within the ICU and NICU premises.


Breathing problems are a common issue among the patients of ICU and NICU. High-end ventilators are the lifesavers in such cases. What if the patient starts suffering from breathlessness in the middle of the night? Bringing down the ventilator from the facility center may get too late! Hence, every ICU and NICU keep the handy ventilators right beside the bed of the patients.


This is a unique facility kept only in the NICUs for the babies. This device, especially for premature babies, is a plastic couch placed to keep the baby warm and help in its growth.

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